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Latest News On The TNA Scott D’Amore Termination

For those who may have missed it, TNA President Scott D’Amore was terminated from his position within the company. The termination came directly from Anthem’s founder Leonard Asper.

The only information that was received on why the termination happened was that the parent company felt that TNA was becoming too D’Amore-centric with Scott as the face of the company.

According to PWInsider

There were a lot of people assuming something salacious happened to lead to D’Amore’s exit but we are told by sources close to Anthem that wasn’t the case.  While no one is clear as to why this decision was made, over the last day, the belief seems to settle on the idea that Len Asper, the head of Anthem, and D’Amore came to a cross-road where they disagreed on how TNA should be operated and only one person was going to win that butting of the heads – Asper.   

The word making the rounds over the last day or so is that at some point in recent weeks, Scott D’Amore approached Anthem with an offer to buy TNA, said to have been backed by a letter with a major banking institution, but it was rebuffed. 

According to some on the Anthem side, it was seen as a legitimate offer that was worthy of consideration, but the decision was made not to accept.

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