Saturday, December 9, 2023

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Latest on WrestleMania: Melina vs Michelle McCool?

While WWE has it’s eyes set on a Michelle McCoolTrish Stratus encounter for the 25th anniversary of WrestleMania, the other plan according to some reports this weekend states that if that doesn’t come to fruition, McCool may be paired off with Raw Diva, Melina.

Interestingly, of all the Divas, most wrestling journalists are stating that McCool has the most chance of appearing at ‘Mania due to her relationship with the Undertaker. It had been hoped that WWE could strike a deal with legendary former Women’s Champ, Stratus to appear at the event and face McCool. However, Trish has openly expressed  interest in facing either Beth Phoenix or Natalya thus leading WWE officials to believe that she may decline if offered a storyline with Michelle.

WWE has now set in motion, Plan B: Raw’s Melina against SmackDown’s Michelle McCool. This would eliminate the likelihood of two Divas matches – which was wishful thinking anyway – by combining Raw and SmackDown in one match.

If this match were to happen, it would have to come to fruition fairly quickly as Melina is currently entangled in a rivalry with the Glamazon, Beth Phoenix. That storyline would need to be tied up as soon as possible for Melina to go forth and feud with Michelle, right?

With a month to go till WrestleMania, I think WWE has done themselves a disservice by not firming up their plans sooner. It’s all going to be a mad rush from here on out with trying to settle things with Beth-Melina and setting up Michelle-Melina. It’s all getting very complicated!

That said, Melina vs Michelle is a fresh match-up and could be very entertaining. Michelle has never competed at ‘Mania before and if we factor out her relationship with ‘Taker, she deserves a spot on her own merit.

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