Sunday, May 26, 2024

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Layla Makes Fashion Faux Pas

Could it be a sign of the end of days?! I never ever thought I’d tune into Raw one week and dislike what Layla was wearing… until last night. Layla is easily the most fashionable Diva to ever grace the WWE and we often rave over her personal style. So what possessed her to wear those hideous metalic gold leggings last night?

I guess everyone makes mistakes, but colour me shocked. That said, I love the rest of the outfit especially the belt and bangles.

On a side note, there won’t be a Raw Redux this week because I feel there isn’t much more I can say about Beth vs Mickie that I haven’t already said in the course of the year. So if you’d like my analysis on the match, just dig up some old Reduxes that featured a Beth-Mickie match. Raw was pretty darn boring last night, be sure to watch SmackDown.

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