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Learn More About Lucha Underground Star Thunder Rosa

When she is on Lucha Underground, she is Kobra Moon, the villainous Queen of the Reptiles. When she’s not on LU, she is Thunder Rosa, rising star on the women’s wrestling scene. While both are the same person, it’s no surprise that Thunder Rosa has become the talent to watch no matter where she goes.

As the other half of the Twisted Sisterz tandem with Holidead, they have won several tag team championships along the way, including the Sabotage Wrestling Tag Team Championship.

In an interview conducted by Diva Dirt’s Matthew (with major thanks to Sabotage Wrestling officials), Thunder Rosa discusses her origins as well as the upcoming Sabotage Wrestling event, as well as the origins of the promotion and other topics.

1. Let’s talk about Sabotage, for those who don’t know about it. How did it all got started?

It got started thanks to a great opportunity last year. A couple of us got together and put an amazing show where we had women from many countries in one night in Baldwin Park.

2. You and Holidead, the other half of Twisted Sisterz are becoming a dominant force in the women’s wrestling scene. What is it like to be a part of a tag team?

It is definitely a different ball game. Working with another person means that you have to compromise during your matches. It is fun to have a partner that you can share experiences and fun memories. We have work really hard in the last year to show that we deserve a spot in the main card and that we are ready to take anyone to make this happen!

3. When you’re up against Ray Rosas on August 5th in San Diego, what do you expect to see in that matchup? 

Well you guys should expect to see some hard hitting action. Ray Rosas is not someone to play with. He is very experienced, skilled and talented player that don’t give any breaks to their opponents. I expect a pretty dirty match, Ray doesn’t play with any emotion but with HATE. He has no mercy on his opponents so I’m not expecting to get an easy win. This is going to be by far one of the hardest matches for me to win.

4. What are your thoughts on Sabotage GM Donovan Troi?

Well Donovan Troi though the years has worked to earn a spot in this business. He saw Sabotage as a great opportunity to put himself over and he did. He just does whatever he wants to make our lives difficult.

5. Who do you want to replace Donovan with?

Donovan Troi is irreplaceable. I don’t know, I haven’t seen someone as polarizing as he is as a manager.

6. Fans of Lucha Underground recognize you as Kobra Moon, the leader of the Reptile Tribe. How it’s that going for the stable?

The stable its going great! I’m very hopeful that after season three ends, our tribe will be established as one of the most dominant ones. I’m hopeful that as the story continues, this will be a character that people really love to hate because she is the most evil and powerful in the temple.

7. In closing, do you have any last comments to our Diva Dirt readers?

I want to thank everyone for reading this article, and to Diva Dirt for the platform that they offered us to promote ourselves and out future projects. We are working really hard to make Sabotage something new, fresh and exciting for wrestling fans and for those who are not fans yet.

Also please make sure you continue to follow me on my social media because there are so many more adventures to come!

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