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Lisa Marie Varon on a potential future Hall Of Fame status

Former WWE Women’s Champion and Impact Wrestling Knockouts Champion Lisa Marie Varon, who competed as Victoria in WWE and Tara in Impact Wrestling, was a recent guset on Terri RunnelsCigars, Scars and Superstars podcast to discuss breaking into the wrestling business, first arriving to the WWE and potential for a induction to the WWE Hall of Fame. Highlights of the interview below.

On her first introduction to pro wrestling: Torrie Wilson and I used to compete in fitness. We became best friends, I ended up living with her in L.A and she ended up joining WCW. I was like “What the heck is this?” because I wasn’t familiar with wrestling as a kid at all. I’m one of those people that were completely blind. She brought me backstage and it was such a circus. I was not used to that environment. I wasn’t being brought in to work or anything like that. I remember passing by Eric Bischoff and Vince Russo, they saw me and said: “Hey do you have any sexy clothes to wear?” One of the Nitro Girls dancers gave me a sexy outfit and they had me sit on Scott Hall’s lap twirling his curly Q. That’s all I did and I told Torrie “You get paid to do this? This is ridiculous”. She was trying to get me into WCW but it was at the time when it was collapsing with the ratings and the [Monday Night] War but that was my intro.

When Terri initially mistook Lisa for a stripper: I remember putting my stuff in the [locker] room and I set a couple of things on the make-up counter. I put my stuff there and I came back and it was all on the floor and my suitcase was outside. I opened the door and I go “Hello?” and you [Terri] came and said “Sorry, this is for contracted girls only” and I said “Oh, um I just signed a three-year deal”. I was so scared. When people told me how to be backstage, I was told not to look at anyone. Guys don’t want to talk to us. The girls were new girls, they don’t want have to do anything with us. We were scared as sh** to even be backstage. We didn’t know etiquette, politics, who to say hi to. I didn’t even give you eye contact. I just walked away and dressed in the janitor’s closet.

On fans speculating that she would play Sister Abigail: Only through social media were people like “Are you Sister Abigail?” and I was like “What’s going on? Maybe they know something I don’t know”. I became a Bray Wyatt and his presence in the ring. I always put him over on social media. I never got a call but I was hoping. Fans usually find out stuff way before we do. I never got called but always had my fingers crossed like “Well maybe I am Sister Abigail?” I was hopeful but no it never happened.

On possibly being indicted to the WWE HOF: It’s weird. Everyone gets pissed off every year. “You should have been in the Hall of Fame” and I always think they’re trying to get a rise out of me. This is going to sound so corny and cliche but hearing from the fans that I’m Hall of Fame quality is enough for me. I don’t need to be pat backed by the company. I know what I did. I know the fans were entertained by my character. I was a hard worker and I was part of the Evolution of the Divas. That’s enough for me but it’s really nice to hear.

On how she learned her Widow’s Peak finisher:  I got that move from Roderick Strong. Molly Holly went to an independent wrestling show and she came back to TV and said: “Lisa I have a move for you”. I just saw it on the indies from Roderick Strong.” She goes “You put me up and drop to your butt” and I’m like “What? My god your neck” Everyone around the arena was like “Oh my god, are you okay?” I asked if they liked it as a finisher. It put me over and I think Roderick Strong for that every single time. That put me on the map as most devastating finisher ever. I have never taken it so I wouldn’t be able to tell you if it hurts or not.

Lisa Marie Varon also discusses her wrestling training, her locker room brawl with Terri, the current WWE Women’s division and more.

You can listen to the full interview here.

What did you think of the interview? Would you like to see Lisa Marie inducted to the Hall of Fame? What are your favorite moments of her career? Let us know in the comments below!

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