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Live Coverage: WWE Hall of Fame Ceremony 2011, Sunny Inducted

The WWE-proclaimed ‘Original Diva’, Sunny will be inducted into the Hall of Fame tonight at Atlanta, GA. Diva Dirt’s Cryssi is on hand and will be bringing us live updates.

* Sunny is the third inductee.

* King, the host of the show, says Sunny always got what she wanted.

* Video package for Sunny plays. Lots of cheers and whistles from the crowd.

* King says the Divas are ‘smart, sexy, powerful and stuck up…’ Lay-Cool and the other Divas take the stage.

* Lay-Cool giving speech.

* Michelle says tonight isn’t about Lay-Cool. Layla puts Sunny over saying if it wasn’t for her, there wouldn’t be any Divas.

* Lay-Cool say she is groundbreaking and the original Diva.

* Lay-Cool ‘really putting over Sunny’ says Cryssi. They say it may have taken 20 minutes to download her pictures back in the day but it was worth it.

* Sunny takes the stage and says, “Look at what I started!”

* Sunny looks ‘so good’, says Cryssi.

* Sunny talks about how when she grew up she was a fan of wrestling but once puberty hit she was over it.

* She says she followed her high school boyfriend, Chris Candido, to Smoky Mountain Wrestling. Jim Cornette told her he needed a girl and ‘that was it’. She was only supposed to be there for six months.

* She auditioned for WWE in 1994. She says it was the worst audition ever & she didn’t even know what the teleprompter was.

* Sunny says they threw everything at her: slop, bikinis, managing, the Slammy Awards etc.

* Sunny says there has always been debate about who is the original Diva but tonight that debate has been put to rest.

* She now pays tribute to the other inductees tonight.

* She thanks Jan the make-up artist, Jill the hairstylist, JR and King for always being there for her and all the Divas.

* Sunny says she’s truly honored.

* She thanks her boyfriend John for ‘getting her back on track’.

* She thanks her dad, the WWE and the fans. She says without the fans, no one would be there.

* Sunny now tells a Terry Funk story.

* She says she’s so honored & reminds everyone that she is officially the youngest inductee ever.

* Sunny wraps up by saying she’s not too old for one more run and ‘what Sunny wants, Sunny gets’.

* From Cryssi: “She played the crowd, hugged the Divas and gt everyone on their feet. She owned it.”

Pictures below:

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More pictures here and here. Photoshoot on here.

The Hall of Fame ceremony will air on Monday at 8pm ET on USA Network.

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