Wednesday, August 10, 2022

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Live Report from GLCW Blizzard Brawl: Serena Becomes GLCW Women’s Champion

Great Lakes Championship Wrestling held its sixth annual Blizzard Brawl event last night in Waukesha, Wisconsin. Friend of Diva Dirt, Ayzali was on hand as our roving reporter, sending in a live report. Read below:

Traci Brooks was first to the ring. I’ll have to say the mass of the match the crowd seemed really behind her. She was followed by ODB who the crowd really like as well, of course. Serena was out third to a nice crowd reaction. All three of the ladies were faces it seemed. The GLCW Ladies Champion was a stereotypical misogynist man whom I wasn’t aware of, he came out and cut a vile promo about the inferiority of females. By the way he came out to the NXT 3 theme music, I didn’t ever want to hear that song anytime soon. Seeing how lasses are so inferior he brings out Melanie Cruise as his replacement.

They start off with some chops, then each went after Melanie one after the other. Being completely women handled until they decided to use each other literally against her. Melanie was out of the picture (out of the ring specifically) so they turned on one another with painful chops. Nice back and forth action with everyone. You even had the chest (assets) bumps a few time, I’d like to say ‘vintage ODB’. Melanie tussled with Traci on the outside while Serena and ODB were in the ring, until Melanie laid them both out! The fella took advantage of Serena as she hung on the bottom rope, which causeD me to become quite upset… I’m better now. Melanie kept Traci on the outside and ODB/Serena down and out. Traci finally takes the much bigger wrestler down from the top ropes. Serena goes after Traci with a spear but lands on the outside, where Mike (The idiot) trash talked yelling, “Stay down!” ODB gives a nice spit to the face and eliminates Traci Brooks. She goes after Melanie only to once again be dominated. With that ODB was eliminated, the crowd wasn’t happy. The guy gets back in the ring and disrespects Melanie blatantly, requesting food/drinks from her. He even pushed her around which earned him a LOW BLOW! Serena’s back with revenge on her mind and gives him a nice spear. Laying him out for the 1, 2, 4… I mean 3! Crowning your new Great Lakes Women’s Champion, SERENA!!!

Thoughts: Good match, really enjoyed my time there. I love the several different chants that broke out through out the match. The ladies are absolutely wonderful and so kind. Dream come true meeting Serena and ODB. I was very impressed with Melanie and I wish I could have gotten an interview with Traci as well. Either way I received great advice on my future career path. BIG thanks to David Herro, the promoter, who gave me the opportunity to interview and personally meet the ladies.

Stay tuned for exclusive video interviews from the event.

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