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Lucha Underground 06/20/18: Catrina goes Gauntlet Hunting, Taya sacks Kobra Moon

Hello Believers, Matthew here with this week’s Lucha Underground recap. After last week’s Aztec Warfare that featured Mariposa as the only woman to compete in the match and Kobra Moon leading Daga into a loss, this week is no different.

We see Catrina, still stuck between the spirit world and the real world, looking for the Gauntlet of the Gods, currently under the possession of King Cuerno. But the Hunter is one step ahead of her. He says that the Gauntlet is the hand that can strike down descendants of the Seven Aztec Tribes, and he’s not the man who will let that happen. But Catrina needs it to restore her life force, but Cuerno has given it to someone who has hidden the Gauntlet for safekeeping. As for Catrina, Cuerno doesn’t care whether or not she gets her life back.

While the Trios Championship is on the line between the current champs The Mack, Killshot, and Son of Havoc and the new clients of Famous B: Big Bad Steve, Sammy Guevara and “The Savage” Jake Strong, and for those who are wondering, Beautiful Brenda is in their corner. This ends in a victory for the Trios Champions, while Jake Strong locks up Famous B in an Ankle Lock.

Another sight for sore eyes is Kobra Moon, leading Drago to the ring for his match against Dragon Azteca Jr. Dragon Azteca Jr. defeats Drago despite an earlier interference attempt by Kobra Moon, but that didn’t stop there. Johnny Mundo comes out and taunts the Queen of the Reptiles and if that wasn’t enough, out comes Taya with a tackle that rivals legendary New York Jets defensive lineman Joe Klecko. The Mayor of Slamtown then delivered a low blow to Drago, and then the Running Knee. Call it payback for last week when Kobra Moon sent Vibora to take out Mundo, call it karma, one thing is for sure, the beef between Johnny Mundo and the Reptile Tribe isn’t going away anytime soon.

We also see the new El Jefe of LU Antonio Cueto in his office in the new temple, Catrina then shows up and asks for Fenix in a casket, meaning Mil Muertes vs. Fenix in Grave Consequences next week. If Fenix loses, Catrina will be free from the spirit world. But later Jeremiah Crane went to the boss and asked to be added to that match. It will be a three-way Grave Consequences next week!

Thoughts: I’m impressed with everything going so far in the post Dario Cueto era of Lucha Underground. Catrina to me is practically looking out for either her or Mil Muertes’ best interests when she asked for the Grave Consequences match (Lucha Underground’s version of the casket match), but she’s also after the Gauntlet of the Gods, which King Cuerno says is the hand that can strike down the decendents of the Seven Aztec Tribes, and to be honest I’m glad he doesn’t want that to happen. Too much power can be a bad thing.

Also, I’m starting to like Taya and Johnny Mundo a lot more when they launched an open war on the Reptile Tribe, specifically Kobra Moon and Daga. While the brawl between La Wera Loca and the Queen of the Reptiles after the match was something of a retaliation of the previous week’s events, expect fireworks when the Worldwide Underground goes to war against Kobra Moon and her band of retiles; namely Drago, Vibora and Daga.

What do you think about this week’s Lucha Underground? Tell us in the comment section below!

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