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Lucha Underground 07/25/18: Climbing the mountain

Welcome to this week’s Lucha Underground review, Believers. This week’s episode focuses on crowning a new Gift of the Gods Champion.

The GOTG title is on the line in a six-way match. It’s El Dragon Azteca Jr. vs King Cuerno vs Ivelisse vs Mack vs Son of Havoc vs Dezmond X.

Before the match gets underway,  Antonio Cueto comes out and changes the rules. The match goes from a six-way to a trios elimination match. Son of Havoc, Ivelisse, and the Mack now take on El Dragon Azteca Jr, King Cuerno, and Dezmond X. Whichever team wins will move on to a triple threat for the GOTG title.

The action from the get go is fast paced and hard hitting. The Mack plows through the competition as his teammate Killshot, who holds the Trios Title with him and Son of Havoc, looks on.

Son of Havoc tags in Ivelisse and she goes flying through her opponents with a flying headscissor. She dominates El Dragon Azteca but his partner comes through and stops her momentum.

Dezmond X starts working over Ivelisse, standing between her and her partners. He works over her arm and isolates her with strikes.

She makes a comeback and tags in The Mack. The Mack goes on to dominate the match again. Son of Havoc takes down the opposing team. However, King Cuerno dodges a shooting star press and takes him out for the win as Ivelisse looks on at her failed attempt to stop the three count. The eventual winner of the match and GOTG title is El Dragon Azteca Jr.

After the match a returning Mariposa can be seen motivating her brother Marty “the Moth” Martinez to challenge for the Lucha Underground Championship.

Thoughts: So to start off, I’m not sure if that’s really Mariposa or if Marty is having a fever dream. I think it’s the latter.

Last season we left off with Mariposa turning on her brother and helping Melissa Santos and Fenix conquer him. I’m very much in favor of seeing more Mariposa and it’s kind of a lost opportunity that she’s not competing in the ring as much right now. I’m hoping that changes soon because it’s getting bothersome at this point. LU’s women’s roster is small enough, there’s some ground to explore if she renounces her tribe.

I was also a bit disappointed that Ivelisse didn’t get the chance to move on for the GOTG title. The only other woman to have held the belt was Sexy Star. Since they’re obviously building Ivelisse up so she has to climb, it’s the right decision and it’s through no fault of her own but, it still stinks especially since we’re removed from Sexy Star and her impact in the temple.

All of Sexy Star’s goodwill that she achieved in the previous seasons is now overshadowed by her callousness and drama last year with AAA. It’s important to have another heroine that can kind of pick up where she left off in a different way and I think it’s Ivelisse on the face side.

Interesting to note, as the trios tag ended and Mil Muertes interrupted, he wasn’t accompanied by Catrina. I’m hoping the women’s stories get picked up with more frequency moving forward.

What did you think of last night’s episode? What’s next for Ivelisse? What’s up with Catrina? Sound off in the comments below.

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