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Lucha Underground 08/29/18: It’s a nice day for a white wedding

Welcome to this week’s review of Lucha Underground, Belivers! This week we’re invited to a special event, the wedding of Johnny Mundo and Taya.

If you’re fans of either individual, the couple officially tied the knot in June. However, Worldwide Underground is the IT group so they’re celebrating their characters’ nuptials in the Temple.

Before the main event wedding Johnny meets with his boys and they pal around for a bit. At the end of the segment, Rickey Mandel creeps around with his doll and they contemplate destroying Johnny and Taya’s wedding vows.

The first luchadora sighting of the night is Ivelisse who comes to the aid of XO Lishus during his No Mas match with Jack Evans. Joey Ryan also tries to stop Jack from fatally hurting XO.

Now we’re onto the wedding!

Famous B is the officiator of the night as he promotes his services. Johnny is accompanied by PJ Black and Joey Mercury. Taya is flanked by Beautiful Brenda and Mariposa who assumes her Cheerleader Melissa persona.

During the start of the ceremony Ricky goes to unleash Matanza from his holding pen, his doll commanding him to “give Taya and Johnny this wedding gift.”

Antonio Cueto also disrupts the ceremony to give the couple a gift as well. It turns out to be a wedding buffet.

However, the next disruption isn’t so pleasant as Matanza makes his way to the wedding party and destroys everyone in the ring after the vows are exchanged.

Thoughts: Before I begin, I just want to say I don’t appreciate seeing the body shaming that goes on around here regarding Taya. I won’t tolerate it and if I see it again, your comment will be flagged, deleted, and you may be banned. Everybody’s body is different. When you’re a professional wrestler, the more muscle you have, the more you’re protected when taking bumps. It’s also difficult to maintain a calorie deficit during travel and the body changes/adjusts as we age. I’m pretty sure she’s maintaining a fit shape we all strive to have and is healthy while doing so.

Now that that is out of the way, this certainly was a wedding to remember and I enjoyed how extra the couple was before and during the ceremony.

Matanza has put the whole roster on notice once again as he defies any control whatsoever.

Taya and Johnny kind of had it coming since they treated Ricky like dirt. But Worldwide Underground’s alignment is shaky at best. They’re crowd favorites but also heels, but also faces when they want to be.

This end leaves everything in disarray. The Reptile Clan hold the Trios titles so they are the dominate group. We don’t have a steady group of faces to dethrone them right now.

Meanwhile Ivelisse has established a partnership with XO and it looks like Joey is interested in pursuing an alliance/friendship with both. Are they readying them for a future confrontation with either the Reptile Clan or Worldwide Underground, once they recuperate? I’m not sure where Taya and Johnny go from here because it looks like they may be written off for a short period of time?

I just want to reiterate again how disappointed I am though of how LU is handling Mariposa. She assumed her Cheerleader Melissa persona here to support her real-life friend Taya but there was no explanation for it, which I guess it’s OK because it might be confusing. But, we’re really still thin in the Luchadora department. I know there’ll eventually be an addition but, things don’t feel completely even this season in terms of equal spotlight for the women.

Next week looks like it’ll explore Catrina‘s interest in Melissa Santos. I’m eager to see where that will lead.

What did you think of this week’s episode? What will happen to Taya and Johnny next? Where does Ivelisse go from here? What do you think will happen between Catrina and Melissa next week? Sound off in the comments below.

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