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Lucha Underground Analysis (April 6th, 2016): A Bad Night for Moths and Kobras

Howdy everyone and welcome to this week’s Lucha Underground Analysis. Whilst this week’s episode didn’t feature as many women’s matches as last week’s 3 (THREE?!), we got two bouts featuring Luchadoras last night, and I’m pretty stoked for that. Our fourth ever female vs female match took place, as Ivelisse faced off against Sexy Star. Mariposa was also in action in a very, very, very dysfunctional trios tag team tournament match. That’s right guys, Dario Cueto‘s booking is as brilliantly bonkers as ever. Prepare for some serious strange bedfollows! It worked for Ivelisse, Angelico and Son of Havoc, so lightning could strike twice, right? Throw in a defiant Catrina appearance and we have the makings of quite the epic hour of programming!

Opening the show this week is a tough test for Trios Tag Team Champion, Ivelisse. She faces off with the slippery, undefeated customer that is Kobra Moon.

Second on the agenda tonight is Sexy Star. She is working out backstage when The Mac asks for her moral support at ringside tonight. Sexy is normally inspiring and carefree, and the abuse she suffered at the hands of Marty Martinez and Mariposa clearly gets to her as she’s pumping that iron. Let it all out Sexy!

Mariposa is in action for the second week in a row, teaming with her brother and one of her rivals The Mac, to go against the equally ridiculous team of The Crew and Joey Ryan. Although for us viewers, this trio isn’t as weird as it seems as Cortez and Joey are undercover police officers working together! They still don’t like each other though, so I guess this team will be as dysfunctional as Dario Cueto wanted.

After the match, Sexy Star makes an appearance. For the first time ever, she goes majorly batshit! Give me more of this please. I felt like this after seeing Sexy go to town on Mariposa.

[media-credit id=9982 align=”aligncenter” width=”500″]gaga gif[/media-credit]

Finally, Catrina is seen after the main event commanding Mil Muertes into battle with Matanza. Can we see Black Lotus and Catrina beat each other’s asses please? Thanks.

Thoughts: What a bloody fun episode! First off, Ivelisse vs Kobra Moon was absolutely fantastic. They got way more time than I thought they would, and both girls put on such a refreshing match. The MMA feel with the girls jockeying for position with submissions time and time again was really innovative, and not what you would normally see on a wrestling product. I was really into seeing them going for rope breaks often, and showcasing various holds – it felt like the match could end at any moment. Kobra Moon’s butterly lock utilization along with her headscissor crucifix choke through the ropes were super innovative, the latter of which I have never seen before. This was edge-of-your-seat stuff.

Another thing I was majorly fond of? Ivelisse getting to establish a finisher. I feel like she hasn’t really done that yet in Lucha Underground, so that was great to see. Despite being a champion, Ivelisse winning was kind of an upset, so I was digging seeing that. On the other hand, I am torn seeing Kobra losing in what seems like a random loss. If this isn’t part of a bigger story about to kick off, then why couldn’t Kobra have had the prestige of being involved in Aztec Warfare? I’ll reserve judgement until this hopefully unfolds a little more.

As for Mariposa and Sexy, I was a fan. Having seen Sexy go off the register with her anger, I’m so intrigued to learn of the extent of the torture she went through. Seeing her range from extreme introversion to banshee-like rage has got me a bit more into this story. The Mac’s involvement is still too random though.

Although on the losing team, Mariposa impressed me yet again. Logically and looking at what happened with my storyline goggles on, Mariposa wasn’t involved in the decision, and she was attacked after she wrestled a match. Her domineering image wasn’t shattered too badly here. In-ring wise, Melissa proved just how versatile a talent she is. Normally, she is hard-hitting and tends to operate at a more ground-based, slower pace. Here, she was flipping, rope-walking and hurricanrana-ing! Deliciously dynamic! Keep it up girls – we’re loving it!

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