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Lucha Underground Analysis (August 23rd, 2017): Sexy Star keeps her mask

Welcome to this week’s Lucha Underground review! We’re back at the temple this week and we’re in for some women’s action as Sexy Star faces off against Veneno in a Mask vs Mask Match.

Earlier this season someone was planting spiders in Sexy’s locker and playing some mind games with her. Fast forward to Veneno‘s debut and Sexy immediately became enraged believing him to be the culprit.

Last week Joey Ryan met with Dario Cueto and brought it to his attention he knew Veneno’s true identity. Dario then scheduled a Mask vs Mask Match believing Sexy would win and unmask an undercover cop.

The match opens up this episode. Let’s get into it.

This is the second time Sexy is putting her mask on the line, commentary reminds us. Sexy’s mask means everything to her, giving her strength and helping her find a voice.

Sexy starts off the match with a big dropkick to Veneno. She kicks him ruthlessly and chokes him in the corner with her boot. She continues stomping on him as the ref tries to pull her away.

Joey Ryan emerges from the back and pulls off Veneno’s mask to reveal Cortez Castro. They start fighting outside the ring. The ref proceeds to throw the match out and Sexy retains her mask.

Even though there wasn’t any follow up to Catrina‘s story this week, last week set the stage for Mil Muertes and Cage to face off for the gauntlet. Catrina and her mother Captain Vasquez are looking to obtain the item to stop the gods from arriving to this world.

Thoughts: Welp, that was a bit disappointing. This half of the season is really disjointed to me and I feel like putting the focus on the Cueto Cup really undermined the value of the women on the roster, which is unfortunate when LU typically does a good job representing its female counterparts.

This episode was very heavy in regards to setting up the ultimate fight between Johnny Mundo and Lucha legend Rey Mysterio so I understand why the short match went down in this manner but, I don’t know if this really advanced anything?

Sexy Star’s still in a weird place where she’s exhibiting some more ruthlessness but it’s not being directed at anything. Last we saw her, her feud with Taya was beginning to reignite and push her but then we’re dragged back to the spider story? I’m not liking how uneven this is right now.

On the other hand, Catrina continues to be the one to watch as we dive deeper into her story. She’s the strongest character on the show outside the ring and the most mysterious. She’s well written and always retains her agency even if she’s doing her mother’s bidding now. I can’t wait to see her get more involved. I’d really like to see her step into the ring, but I guess we’ll she if she really does by the end of this season.

It’s unfortunate Ivelisse got hurt so early and put a damper on her inclusion into the Jeremiah Crane angle. I believe this would have gotten Catrina into the ring sooner.

Speaking of absent luchadoras, where is Mariposa? She’s also someone that entered the Temple with such reckless abandon and brutality but now she’s nowhere to be seen?

Now that the Cup is over I hope we get back on track. It’s not like LU to lose focus so I’m a little worried how everything is going to pan out.

I also want to send a congratulations to Taya! I’m so happy for her to get the chance at getting more exposure now that she’ll be with GFW. She’s really grown on me this season and I’m excited for everyone else to discover how intense she is. She’s improved leaps and bounds and deserves all the success!

What did you think of this week’s episode? Do you feel the same way I do about LU’s pacing lately? Sound off in the comments below.

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