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Lucha Underground Analysis (July 12th 2017): Taya serves up some brutality before Sexy Star gets her revenge

Welcome to this week’s Lucha Underground review, believers! Last week Taya got involved in Sexy Star‘s Cueto Cup Match to help her Worldwide Underground comrade PJ Black.

This week Taya takes on Jeremiah Crane in a second round Cueto Cup match. Before the two meet in the ring, however, Taya issued this warning:

She promises Jeremiah that the Worldwide Underground will take over the tournament, any means necessary. She says she plans to do the same to him like she did to Ivelisse when she beat her at Ultima Lucha Dos.

Their match up is first on this week’s episode:

Taya makes quite the entrance as Jeremiah observes. The action starts off quick with Jeremiah rushing head first into her. Taya stops him in his tracks, yelling STOP! He looks at her and she smacks him across the face.

She poses for a second while Jeremiah brushes it off. He immediately sends her to the ground with a hard kick. She rolls out of the ring to collect herself and Jeremiah rushes headlong at her, knocking her down with a flying shoulder block.

Jeremiah clears out the first row as Taya lays on the chairs. He does a victory lap around the ring before hitting Taya with a cannonball into the chairs. Taya slowly tries to make it to her feet but Jeremiah grabs her first. He hoists her up but she scrambles off his shoulders and into the crowd. He starts crawling up the balcony but Taya starts pummeling him with blows.

He grabs her by the throat but she pokes him in the eyes. She continues hitting him and eventually he hurtles to the ground. She jumps off the balcony and hits Jeremiah with a cross body. She throws him back into the ring. She pounces on him and continues her assault with punches.

She runs at him in the corner but Jeremiah evades her, hits her hard in the face with his knee. She looks shocked as the camera pans in. Jeremiah looks at her with crazy in his eyes as he winds up for another hit but Taya kicks him right in the groin. She then runs at him with triple hits, her body, a clothesline and her knees.

She pins him but it’s not enough. She kicks him in the face several times, egging him to “come on!” He grabs her check but she start slapping him in the face and chest. He returns the fire. He pins her, but it’s not enough. She crawls to the corner as he gets ready to hit her again. He comes at her but she kicks him right in the jaw.

He screams no and punches the side of her face. He tries to pick her up but she balances on his shoulders again and hits a Canadian Destroyer. She goes up to the top rope but here comes Sexy Star!

Jeremiah takes advantage of the distraction, hitting Taya in the back. He kicks her in the face and buckle bombs her into the opposite corner. She reverses another attempt at a manevour with a surprise pin but it’s no dice.

Jeremiah kicks her in the face. He hits the Cranial Contusion to advance in the Cueto Cup. After the match Sexy Star walks into the ring, puts on brass knuckles, and knocks Taya out.

Later on in the show Catrina makes an appearance with Mil Muertes as he takes on Paul London. The Rabbit Tribe try to distract him but Mil didn’t come to play. He takes him out and Catrina delivers the lick of death after the match.

Famous B and Beautiful Brenda are up to no good as they continue to try and recruit Texano to their side.

Fenix then squares off against Marty “The Moth” Martinez. Mariposa interferes multiple times, but the final time she tries to attack Fenix with an “Aztec Pride” lunch box, Melissa Santos grabs the lunchbox to stop her. This leads to a pin fall.

However, after the match, Marty uses a fork from the lunchbox to attack Fenix as Mariposa holds back Melissa, making her watch the carnage.

Thoughts: I’m very disappointed that not one woman has advanced in the tournament now. However, I do appreciate how intense this match was and how hardcore bouts seem to be Taya’s forte. She’s a master story teller when it comes to bringing the match to another level and mixing in her character beats. This was a really fun match.

I enjoy Jeremiah’s work so it was interesting watching both these fiery people go up against each other, each bringing their own version of crazy. I also very much love the constant, fast-paced action. I could watch them wrestle all day at this pace and because the match was so unpredictable, the audience was able to really rally around Taya. I was rallying around her too even if her stable is full of arrogant weasels. She’s the only one in her group that stands on her own and doesn’t need assistance.

Sexy Star continues to blur the lines of her pure babyface character. She does have an edge about her that hasn’t been brought out since her No Mas match with Mariposa. It’s this part that’s coming out even more after she got screwed last week. I’m curious to see where this feud leaves her. Taya and Sexy had beef earlier this season, where will they go next?

So, is Mil not injured at all after Jeremiah attacked him a few weeks ago? I’m surprised to see him win. Catrina was by his side as usual, did she work some kind of magic that we haven’t seen yet?

Mariposa continues to do her job fantastically well, helping her brother in this match despite losing. What is the end game here with Melissa? Will they abduct her, will they abduct Fenix? Melissa isn’t a wrestler and I’m curious how her role will evolve.

What’s with Famous B and Beautiful Brenda’s obsession with Texano? I haven’t written much about her but she continues to crush her valet role. She’s more than just a valet, she’s an integral part of Famous B, showing others that he can transform lives.This is really neat and these side plots are always entertaining.

What did you think of this week’s episode? What’s next for Melissa? What will Sexy Star do now? Sound off in the comments below.

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