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Lucha Underground Analysis (March 16th, 2016): Ivelisse Goes For the Gold

Gold, bloodbaths and passionate snogging – of course, that means it’s time for another episode of Lucha Underground! Ivelisse, Son of Havoc and Angelico gun for gold this week against the Disciples of Death. Should Ive’s team lose, they are banished from the Temple forever! We got an update on Black Lotus‘ situation as well last night, and Catrina made her presence felt in a major way. She did the kissing, and I’ll be telling you all about it!

Catrina is up first this week. She confronts Fenix, telling him she wonders if going back to Mil Muertes and abandoning him last season was the right decision:

They then have a full-on make-out session… awkward! Cat says that what just happened was their final kiss, and tonight, when Mil is finished with Fenix, he will bring her back from the dead. Not sure how that is going to work, but I’m sure we’ll find out shortly!

The Trios Tag Title match is up first, and of course, Catrina is at ringside with her boys, whose names are so complicated that I’ll refrain from mentioning them! All six combatants are in the ring to start out the match, the faces taking over in style with a running attack each to all three of the Disciples! Velez hits a nice enziguri to the purple Disciple before the champions start to get back into the match. Ive is left alone in the ring, prone to a gorgeous springboard dropkick from the grey Disciple. He might be Bario Negro, I can’t quite remember all of their names! Foreshadowing to later on, I might not need to know their names…

Ivelisse is isolated in the ring, whacked in the face with a big kick from the golden Disciple. Purple Disciple hits a clothesline before targeting her historically injured leg, the bane of her life last season. A stretch muffler is applied until Ivelisse is straight out choked. Lovely. What really is lovely in a non-sarcastic way are Ive’s counters to a dragon sleeper and suplex attempt, sequences that allow her to escape further danger and make that hot tag!

Flips and pele kicks later and Ivelisse is back in the match, diving to the outside as Havoc hits a moonsault and Angelico hits a diving attack – amazing synergy! Catrina pulls Son of Havok off the apron to avoid his team getting those titles, but it is to no avail. Shortly after, the deal is then sealed with Son of Havoc hitting a Shooting Star Press. Ivelisse is not only the first female to hold gold, but the first to be a two-time champion!

After the match, Mil is suuuuuuper pissed, and he seemingly kills off the Disciples of Death. Actual thunder is coming out of his body, so I presume those guys will have gotten electrocuted!

Immediately after that shocking moment, it is time for an even bigger one:

We see Black Lotus and Dario Cueto outside of their illegal fight club. Dario decides that Matanza has enough bloodlust necessary to help him take back the Temple. But wait, didn’t they leave because the police would have been after Black Lotus for murdering the original El Dragon Azteca? This part needs fleshing out a little further. I suppose Matanza is just big enough and strong enough to kill any cops himself. Matanza emerges from the warehouse, absolutely covered in blood… WITH A KNIFE STICKING OUT OF HIM! Oh my god. If you haven’t already twigged on by now Lotus, I guess that he did in fact kill your parents and Dario lied to you. But well, what you did killing El Dragon is inexcusable so you’ll just have to be a badass antagonist I can like as opposed to that vengeful babyface I so desperately wanted you to be!

Finally, following Mil Muertes’s LOSS of the Lucha Underground Title to Fenix, Catrina quickly grabs a mic and she spits some major venom. She tells Fenix he better really soak up that celebration because next week’s Aztec Warfare has changed. It is no longer for the number one contendership – it is for the championship! Just like last year, Fenix will enter at Number One and Mil will enter at Number Twenty. *mic drop*

Considering this was taped months ago, I guess we know where WWE got the idea from to have Roman Reigns to defend the WWE Title in the Royal Rumble! What I am more concerned with though is whether any girls will be in the match. My money is on Kobra Moon and Sexy Star, the latter eliminated by an interfering Mariposa!

Thoughts: What a win for Ivelisse, Son of Havoc and Angelico! The match was tons of fun, although not as memorable for me as the winners’ ladder match. Saying that, due to Ivelisse’s injury then, she got to show more of what she can do in last night’s match. Her hurricanrana on the outside was sweet, as was her dive when the three faces took to the skies.

Whilst I think Ivelisse shines on the mic most out of the three, I feel that she is often overshadowed in the ring by her teammates, with the exception of her getting that amazing title chance against Mil Muertes. I hope Ivelisse gets to showcase her innovative style a little more. This match had her get beat down until she got the hot tag. Wouldn’t it be cool to see the roles reversed and have her receive that hot tag? I know that it’s logical for her to play the role she did tonight as she is the least strong of the six people in the match, but we can suspend reality a little more – that’s ok with us Lucha Underground. We are watching murders unfold in front of our very eyes and there’s a man controlled by a rock.

Speaking of that very man, Mil Muertes and Catrina’s world crumbled to ashes all in one night. Ironic considering Mil lost to Fenix. As for next week’s Aztec Warfare, the return of Dario, Black Lotus and Matanza to the Temple might just be the final nail in the coffin of those from beyond the grave. Watch out Catrina, I think a poisonous flower and her entourage are headed straight for you.

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