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Lucha Underground Analysis (November 23, 2016): Cheaters prosper

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Welcome back to the Temple, Believers! This week promises to see Sexy Star face long time adversary Johnny Mundo. This will be her first title defense.

Up first though is a sighting of Kobra Moon as she makes an appearance during the Super Friends Trios Title defense against newcomers the Rabbit Tribe‘s Paul London, Saltador, and Mala Suerte.

She observes the match atop Dario Cueto‘s office. At the end of the bout she calls out Drago and tells him that sooner or later he will bow to his queen.

After the match we see Sexy doting on her new title.

The Mack engages in playful banter with her and tells her he’s very proud of her. He then offers to stand by her side during tonight’s match. She declines his offer. She says she must do this alone to prove that her win wasn’t a fluke.

Up next Black Lotus meets with Dario.

She wants retribution against Pentagon Dark along with the rest of her Lotus Triad. Dario says they were mighty impressive but Black Lotus tells him that he has no idea what they are capable of. The Black Lotus Triad is one of the most revered group for centuries. Dario makes sets a match between the Triad and Pentagon Dark, a gauntlet match! Win or lose, the match doesn’t end until Pentaon has faced the whole Triad!

Our main event is next as Sexy defends the Lucha Underground Championship. Let’s watch!

Both competitors make their entrance with the crowd fully behind Sexy (It’s really sweet). Johnny talks trash trying to get into Sexy’s head before they square up. She works his arm over before they go into a reversal. Johnny starts controlling the match with submissions, a curb stomp, and multiple pins.

Though Sexy begins to fight back, she can’t shake Johnny who stays pretty close as he inflicts more pain. Between the beatdowns he goes for pins or submissions.

He puts her in a tree of woe where he plants stiff kicks to Sexy’s midsection. Sexy starts fighting back with hard strikes and a modified bronco buster. Before she can get any further tho, Johnny takes her down again. He goes for his End of the World finisher but Sexy rolls out of the way and begins mounting a come back. She goes for multiple pins, mat slams, and an X-factor.

Johnny starts fighting back though and hits her, going for multiple pins and submissions. Sexy makes another comeback with hard chops. They tango for a bit. Sexy hits him with a frankenstiener and a code breaker. They continue fighting. The fight spills to the outside. Johnny winds up taking a pair of crutches from a fan with a Sexy Star mask. Sexy evades the crutch and goes to check on the fallen fan. The fan hits her with brass knuckles. The camera pans away, that’s no ordinary fan, that’s Taya! Johnny hits the End of the World to become the new Lucha Underground Champion.

Thoughts: Wowwww! I’m so heartbroken. I unfortunately knew the outcome of this match and I was unsure how it would translate. Although I’m really sad that Sexy’s reign lasted a week, I’m not mad at how it went down. Let me explain.

Johnny represents everything that thrives in the temple: liars, cheaters, people who get off on inflicting pain in the dirtiest way possible. Sexy on the other hand is a beacon of light. Someone who’s virtuous and never gives up. She’s kind and compassionate. She works hard to attain everything she has and never gives in. This is a fantastic narrative and end to this story.

The match was also one of the best ones I’ve seen from both of them. Johnny worked from underneath, being sly and coy, pouncing on her at every opportunity and Sexy dialed up her babyface comebacks to 11. I really enjoyed it.

The fact that Johnny had to cheat to win means more than if he won clean. If anything, Sexy may be back to try and get the title. The other thing that consoles me about this is the fact that Sexy hasn’t completely retired from the ring as she planned. I’m not sure how the rest of her story plays out in the Temple for now but she’s still active on the independent circuit. I’m a big fan of hers and want to see more from her. Everything she represents touches me deeply, I’m rooting for her to overcome.

I also loved the backstage segment between her and the Mack. It was very, very sweet and a nice touch to cement Sexy’s legacy and solidifies the Mack as a genuinely good guy.

If anything, LU is willing to put its top prize on a female talent. I’m hoping this opens the doors for another future female champion. Nothing can take away the fact that Sexy was the first female champion. I’m eager for the day when we have a strong woman leading the promotion. I believe it will happen sooner rather than later. LU has never strayed away from putting its female talent front and center, another will lead the charge, I feel it.

Onto the rest of the show, Kobra Moon continues to slay her role. I’m curious where this whole thing is going. She’s been used very well in short bursts and like I said before, a future match with Drago could give her the push she needs to continue progressing in the ring.

What I’m looking forward to most next week is this Gauntlet Match between Pentagon and the Lotus Triad. Pentagon is one of my favorites. He’s a dynamic wrestler with such a sick look. And The Lotus Triad is jaw droppingly fantastic. I’m so excited to watch them fight. It should produce a suburb episode.

What did you think of this week’s LU? Were you shocked by last night’s championship match outcome? What do you think will happen to Sexy now? What other luchadora would you like to see with the championship? Sound off in the comments below.

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