Monday, September 25, 2023

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Luna Vachon Was Offered Hardcore Justice Spot

It appears that former WWE star, Luna Vachon, who passed away last Friday, was offered an appearance at TNA’s Hardcore Justice pay per view last month. Dave Meltzer at the Wrestling Observer writes:

Luna Vachon had been asked to appear at the Hardcore Justice PPV. When Mick Foley found out that her home had burned down, he suggested bringing her in to manage Tommy Dreamer against Raven, since in 1995, during the original Raven vs. Dreamer feud, Vachon was used as Dreamer’s second to counteract Stevie Richards, who was Raven’s second. Vachon turned the gig down, citing that she had retired.

It would’ve been great to see Luna have that one last appearance. What a sad twist of fate that she would pass away just a few weeks later.

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