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Lynch/Belair sign contract for Extreme Rules; Women’s match gets cut from SmackDown

Becky Lynch and Bianca Belair put pen to paper on this week’s SmackDown for their upcoming championship match at Extreme Rules.

Belair was out in the ring first and soaked up the crowd at Madison Square Garden who was firmly behind the EST. The former SmackDown Women’s Champion discussed her feelings towards Lynch and stated that she has always had respect for her. The Becky Lynch she knows however, would never run from a fight and things seemed to have changed. Ever since Lynch has won the title at SummerSlam, she has been dodging Belair’s rematch advances.

After Belair signs the document, Lynch comes out in sunglasses and a red coat. The Man isn’t sure she wants to sign this contract, and wants to know -what if she doesn’t? Belair gets the crowd behind her into a “sign it” chant.

Lynch says she was sitting at home listening to the “we want Becky” chants and she left her baby girl, showed up at SummerSlam on short notice, beat Belair in 26 seconds, and the crowd is favoring a “flash in the pan” over her.

This was enough to get Lynch to sign the contract. She says she will give Belair her match but it will end the same way their last one did.

Moving on to basically nothing else for the women on this week’s SmackDown. For the second week in a row there were no women’s matches. Not a one. At Madison Square Garden where so much history has been made for WWE and sporting events, the women did not get to perform.

In a report from Fightful Select, there was a match slated to take place between Liv Morgan and [most likely] Toni Storm taking on Carmella and Zelina Vega. Then there was Naomi who was supposed to get some follow up from a storyline of not receiving her first match back on the blue brand and she wasn’t on the show either.

On social media, Liv, Zelina, and Carmella all made posts after their match was cut.

Naomi posted herself looking for Sonya Deville throughout the night which was never aired. She found Deville who again brushed her off for a third week in a row and gave the excuse that they were in Madison Square Garden and things were too hectic.

The only glimpse we saw of any other women on the show was Shotzi and Tegan Nox riding their tank past Paul Heyman for 10 seconds.

RAW Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair faced Rhea Ripley in a dark match.

Unlike SmackDown, 205 Live had a women’s match for the second week in a row and this week Valentina Feroz defeated Katrina Cortez.

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