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Mae Young Classic Review: Episode 3

Well, here we are on episode 3 of the Mae Young Classic. Eight of the competing athletes have already advanced to the next round and eight more are expected to do the same. The matches on deck for this installment include Ayesha Raymond from London’s East End versus Australia’s Toni StormKavita Devi, who’s the first woman from India to compete in a WWE ring, versus Dakota Kai from New Zealand; Bianca Belair and her famous hair whip versus Sage Beckett and Scotland’s Piper Niven versus Santana Garrett.

First up is Ayesha versus Toni and both enter the ring with gobs of attitude and stage presence. Toni offers a handshake to Ayesha while in the ring, but Ayesha refuses. The bell rings and both soon begin to wrestle, with Toni ducking under Ayesha’s first advance and Toni putting her arms around Ayesha’s waist. Ayesha gets out out Toni’s waist grip, puts her in a headlock from a standing position and eventually flips Toni on the mat. Even though Toni is still in a headlock at this point, she effectively maneuvers herself out of Ayesha’s hands and stands up. Toni offers Ayesha another handshake, but when Ayesha puts her hand out, Toni slides her hand away.

Ayesha gives Toni a few effective blows, but Toni uses some momentum from springing off the ropes to give Ayesha a good kick to her chest. Toni flips a stunned Ayesha on the mat and uses three hip attacks to Ayesha’s head. Toni is fired up and charges towards Ayesha, but Ayesha kicks her away and then picks Toni upside down and slams her to the mat. Ayesha picks Toni up by the hair, flips her upside down and slams her hard to the mat again. The ref does a count, but Toni kicks out at two. Ayesha kicks Toni while she’s down, picks her up, flings her to a corner of the ring and slams her entire body into Toni.

Ayesha picks Toni up again, but Toni headbutts Ayesha. Ayesha charges towards Toni, but Toni moves aside and uses a modified back stabber against Ayesha. Toni then uses a running knee, northern lights suplex and throw nip up combination to counter. While the audience cheers Toni on, Toni prepares a move on the top of the ropes, but Ayesha flips Toni onto the mat. Ayesha attempts a dive from the top of the ropes, but doesn’t land on Toni. Toni uses Ayesha’s failed dive to her advantage, rolls Ayesha over on the mat and wins the match!

Seen in the audience after Toni’s win is Charlotte Flair and NXT Assistant Head Coach Sara Amato.

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