Thursday, December 7, 2023

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Maria is a Miley Fan

In the most recent Diva Dish, Maria spoke her mind on the issue plaguing the minds of everyone everywhere: the War in Iraq? The Presidential election? No, silly – Miley Cyrus! Maria comes to Miley’s defense following the recent “Vanity Fair” picture scandal:

At a recent Raw event, Maria tracked down Diva Dish because she felt very passionate about expressing her thoughts over a recent photo scandal involving a popular teen queen.

“Miley Cyrus … there are so many worse things you can do than take an innocent picture. I literally ran to the newsstand to find out what everybody’s talking about in Vanity Fair,” Maria said.

“I saw one photo on TV played over and over and over again. I was like, ‘There has to be something more in this magazine.’ I opened it up and I saw two things. I saw a little girl with her father … how can anybody make that suggestion?! I do not know. I wish I had that great of a relationship with my father when I was that age! So stop giving the girl a hard time about that,” she continued.

“Second, the picture of her by herself – there is nothing bad about that. How many times have you seen baby pictures where the child is naked? Does anybody make a stink out of that? No. How many times have you seen pictures of girls wearing much, much less than that? She’s a little girl that’s holding a blanket up. I mean, please!”

Maria told Diva Dish that Cyrus’ critics should stop focusing on the negative and give the teenage performer a break.

“She’s a talented young lady who makes great decisions. Her father is supporting her. Why don’t we focus on the good things in the world – the love between a father and daughter?” Maria said.

“And even though pop music isn’t my thing, I love her songs. So girl, go on with your bad self. Don’t let anyone tell you that you are not morally correct, because I think you’re more morally correct than anybody else out there!”

Nekkid 15-year-old or not, I will ALWAYS be offended by Miley Cyrus – I mean, her music is fucking terrible.

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