Monday, December 4, 2023

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Maria Kanellis captures her first title in WWE with the 24/7 Championship

Like it or not the 24/7 Championship continues to be a vital part of today’s WWE product. As of last week, the women’s roster is now fully immersed in the tomfoolery of that is this piece of gold. Maria Kanellis is now the current 24/7 Champion and the first pregnant champion.

To kick off RAW there was a Mixed Tag Team Mosh Pit match for this title. It was the champ R-Truth and Carmella facing Drake Maverick and Renee Michelle. The 24/7 rules were suspended during the match as the ring was surrounded by male superstars.

Truth won the match, however, he wasn’t able to get out of the ring quick enough. Every superstar that was surrounding the ring piled on top of him as the referee counted to three. Mike Kanellis emerged from the pile as the victor. He was able to escape and make his way to the backstage area.

Once he found safety in the referee’s locker room, Maria came knocking for her husband to answer and let her in. After convincing him to open the door by saying she would “kick him in his vagina,” Mike told her that the win was for both of them. Maria wasn’t buying it and wanted the title for just herself.

She forced Mike to lay down on the ground as she had a referee on stand-by to count her as the new champion.

She celebrated afterward by gloating to the male superstars backstage as the first-ever pregnant champion. This is the first title that Maria has held during her career with WWE. How long will she hold this title? Will she make it past the end of tonight’s RAW?

What are your thoughts on this title change? Are you liking the women being involved in this title? Discuss what you are thinking in the comment section.

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