Saturday, December 2, 2023

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Maria Proves Why She Doesn’t Belong in WWE

maria1Never before have I just watched on in amazement. Last night, Maria substantiated every question and doubt that I’ve ever had in her and proved to me just why she doesn’t belong in the WWE – or any other wrestling company for that matter.

How someone can screw up something so simple is beyond my comprehension. Maria has never been the best wrestler, wrestling just isn’t something that came naturally to her like it did to others in her boat (Michelle McCool, Maryse). And as hard as she tried, she could never match those who like her, struggled at first to grasp the sport (Candice, Kelly Kelly). But unlike those four examples, Maria continues to look uncomfortable in the ring and it isn’t a pretty sight. I have often described her wrestling style as ‘spastic’, from the way she hits clothelines, the way she jumps from the turbuckle. Any time I think about Maria wrestling, I just picture her with her arms flailing everywhere.

Nothing looks as pristine as it should. But last night’s ‘attack’ on Michelle McCool really took the biscuit, she’s had some passable matches for sure, but on SmackDown this week she just proved, plainly and simply, that she’s not destined to be a wrestler. Her failed attempt at forearms or whatever they were meant to be, just came off looking limp and yes… spastic. And yes, thinking about it now, I picture her with her arms flailing everywhere. There was nothing believable about it, there was nothing vicious about it, which is what it was intended to be. It just looked awful on screen and if I were producing this show, I would have edited it out before it could hit TV. Obviously, WWE is willing to overlook this which is fine considering they have storylines to put over on a weekly basis.

But to the world, what it shows is that Maria has no basic grasp of wrestling, because she can’t even do the most basic things properly and believably for the viewing audience. Perhaps that is why in four years, she’s never been giving any real wrestling opportunities. Perhaps that is why in four years, she’s never been considered a real title contender. Now that she’s on SmackDown and being given the chance to wrestle and compete for a title, her flaws are becoming more and more transparent.

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