Wednesday, February 8, 2023

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Maria Responds to Diva Dirt But Doesn’t Deny Our Story


Our story on Maria yesterday has caught the attention of the Diva herself and this morning as I checked my e-mails as I do every morning, quite a few people brought her reaction to our attention. On her Twitter page, Maria responds to Diva Dirt as ‘haters’ and having ‘insulted her’. She writes:

[In response to the story] hahahaha!!!! If it is true who cares. But the honest truth is that people are just angry!! I love my job!! Haters hate.

If websites and forums want to insult me get your facts straight!! Love me hate me this is my passion!! And I am not afraid of the future!!

Looking back at the story I wrote yesterday, I feel my judgement in that post was extremely fair. I do admit, I am not Maria’s biggest fan but the post we posted yesterday simply relayed knowledge from someone we trust & is in a position to know, while adding our own thoughts and opinions – as is the daily routine here at Diva Dirt.

While I personally may not be a Maria fan [and I speak of her as a performer, not a person] I definitely gave her the benefit of the doubt, calling attention to other roles she could perform in WWE, if not in a wrestling capacity and put over the fact that she is one of WWE’s most popular women.

Interestingly enough, Maria doesn’t necessarily deny the story to be false, “If it is true who cares.” Though she later says, “Get your facts straight” and trust me, we wouldn’t make a post if we didn’t have the facts. We may not be a respected ‘news source’, but as a Journalism student, I have managed to hone my skills enough to edit content at this site and use appropriate sources for my material.

I don’t believe at all, Diva Dirt has ‘insulted’ Maria in any way. If anything, I was, always have been and will always continue to be, brutally honest. I don’t want to add more fuel to the fire but I hope if she’s reading, Maria will realise that perhaps she’s being a little over-sensitive. And to reiterate, I have no vendetta against Maria personally, I simply don’t find entertainment value in her entertaining.

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