Sunday, July 14, 2024

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Maria Sings?

Maria has a newly opened official website, it seems. You’ll find, on the site, a bunch of photos non-affiliated with WWE, videos and links  that seem to not work. Interestingly, the page has written at the bottom, ‘Actress Model Singer Wrestler’ in that order. I assume that the list is just in alphabetical order, but maybe having wrestling last is a sign that she might be trying to angle for a new career in maybe, singing?

A quick check on YouTube reveals a video of Maria singing karaoke to ‘I Love Rock ‘n Roll’ originally made famous by Joan Jett. Her singing is rather painful to listen to and sounds a lot like her just talking, only it’s more monotonous. I’d have to say, her singing is worse than her wrestling and with her voice, I would definitely not call myself a ‘singer’. Props to her for trying though, right?

The site features some videos of Maria posing in photo shoots with some serious porn star music in the background. Her photo gallery is of about the same quality of her WWE one. She seems less over the top, and her outfits are decent, if not a little skanky. The website for now, is unavaliable, but says ‘Full website coming soon’. You can find it at

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