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Maryse, Kelly Kelly & Eve Torres discuss the Women’s Revolution

A few months ago we reported that Kelly Kelly, Eve Torres and Maryse would be making their way to Table for 3! Those women, all former Divas champions, took to the table to discuss many topics, with one of them being the Women’s Evolution.

WWE released a clip of the episode, in which the following took place:

“You know what’s funny?” Maryse asks. “Everyone talks about [the] Women’s Revolution – and I’m the first one to be behind all of them, and be with them – but you can’t forget that behind every Women’s Revolution, there was a pack of women before them, and before every single generation.”

“That fight for that recognition, that was happening with us,” Torres states. “The hard thing is that that’s how fights happen. Everyone plays their part, and you just chip at it, and the next generation chips away – eventually it breaks, and they say “okay,” they see that this is something finally worth investing in. So I think it’s fair to say that every generation did their part.”

Maryse rejoins the conversation by stating that the Revolution “didn’t just start last year, or two years ago, it’s been a fight for us for a long time. We had amazing matches. On live events we would have twenty minutes, when we get to television we would have -”

“Four minutes. With entrances,” inserts Eve.

We then hear Mayse say “you’re trying to relate to a crowd and you can’t really relate because you don’t have the chance they do. I’m glad that they’re taking that chance, but when I hear “Women’s Revolution” I think -”

“What about us?” Kelly asks. “We gave it our everything when we walked through that curtain every night. We went out there, and we gave it our all. So I feel like even the Divas championship itself, like just wiping that out and kind of forgetting about that is just kind of, like, uh… You know?”

“Although for me,” Eve begins, “the Divas thing never landed. “It became a part of my vocabulary because we were trained to – but it never felt authentic to me. I don’t know.”

Though saying that, Kelly admits that she “didn’t mind it.”

To see the full episode of Table for 3, tune into the WWE Network tonight immediately following RAW!

What do you think of their words? Will you be tuning in tonight? Let us know your views in the comments below!

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