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Maryse Talks AJ Lee Breaking Her Record, Wedding Guest List and More

In the latest in its series of interviews with former Divas, has spoken with two-time Divas Champion Maryse about AJ Lee breaking her record, planning her wedding, why she left the WWE and more.

On AJ breaking her record: “I’m actually really proud of AJ for doing that. Congratulations to her. It’s a lot of work to have the title for that long. I always loved AJ’s interviews. I think she’s really entertaining. I love people that can talk and have personality. Right now, my life is not focused on wrestling, but I’m proud of what I accomplished. No matter what, I’m still the most badass Diva of all time. You can’t take that away from me.”

Her post-WWE life: “I live with The Miz in LA and we’ve been planning our wedding for a year. I want it to be perfect, but I’m pretty much done with all the planning. We’re all set to go. It’s coming in four weeks. I got my dream house in the Hollywood Hills and we’re building a huge extension to it, but I still need some more space because I’d love to have some mini Mizzes and mini Maryses running around. If you know Maryse and The Miz, you know we’ll need a lot of space. I’m also working for a real estate firm here in Los Angeles. It’s going really well and I love it. That’s the career path I’m in right now. I love everything related to business. That’s my field, besides entertainment, which I’m really good at.”

The wedding details: “The wedding is Feb. 20, on Paradise Island in the Bahamas. We’re going to have 100 people coming down there, which is pretty big for a destination wedding. I’m really excited about it, but it’s a lot of work. Planning a wedding seems easy, but there are a lot of details to think of. But overall, it’s been a lot of fun. I’ve really enjoyed it, especially because my man is really involved with all the planning. As a woman, it’s really fun to see your fiancée participate and really care. It makes it a lot easier and a lot more fun.”

The guest list: “There will definitely be some WWE Superstars and former Divas coming. I talk a lot to Eve Torres and Kelly Kelly. They’re both coming.”

Why did she leave the WWE?: “I had a really good run. One year with WWE seems like five years, because you’re on the road 280 days a year. Time goes by. I felt in my heart like it was time for the next chapter in my life. I wanted to grow and I felt like I did everything there was to do. I was a two-time Divas Champion and had the longest reign until AJ surpassed me. It was just time. I wanted to go on my own and was ready for something else.”

Her favorite Divas to wrestle: “I wrestled a lot of Divas, and every single one offered something different. I really enjoyed wrestling Natalya and Kelly Kelly. I like people with personality that the crowd can relate to. It was a lot of fun. If you watch my matches, you’ll see I’m all about the attitude and the persona.”

Is a return to the WWE in her plans?: “Right now, the timing is not right. I’ve never been this happy in my entire life. I’m the healthiest and happiest I’ve ever been. My life is 100% like I want it. Never say never, but right now, no. Maybe one day in the future. If the timing’s right, why not?”

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