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Get Listed: Matches We’d Love to See in 2009

No doubt, you’ve probably been reading a lot of ‘Best of…’ or ‘In 2009…’ lists on various sites, blogs and outlets. From rising celebrities to the best movies of 2008, there’s a lot out there. So why not add a few more? Over the next few days, we’ll be making some lists of our own! We’re kicking off today with matches that we’d love to see in 2009! Very simple premise really, so let’s get stuck in…

Matches We’d Love to See in 2009
With more competent Divas on the roster than ever before, there’s so many match possibilities: on Raw, on SmackDown and even some crossover potential! With so many potential matches, Diva Dirt narrows down the ones we want to see the most (in no particular order).

Michelle McCool vs Mickie James
These two Divas shared an unlikely chemistry when they faced off in the Raw vs SmackDown traditional elimination match at Survivor Series. In fact, they share (or shared rather) a lot in common. Until Michelle decided she wasn’t that nice anymore, she was the SmackDown equivalent of Mickie – the fan favourite, the good girl. These two had a pretty technical tussle in that match and whet my appetite for a singles match somewhere down the road. With Michelle now a heel, it would be even more viable.

Candice vs Kelly Kelly
In 2008, Candice pretty much lost her spot as the golden girl model-turned-wrestler to Kelly Kelly. By 2008’s end and 2009’s start, Candice really has drifted into obscurity. With a similar history and appeal, they’re pretty much fighting for the same spot, how about we just let these two duke it out and find out who’s really worthy of it? My money’s on Kelly, who’s already showing more potential than Candice. And cue the crazy Candice mark…

Gail Kim vs Natalya
Sure she’s not even on the roster yet, but it’s only a matter of time before Gail finally shows her pretty lil face on Friday Night SmackDown. And the Diva I want her to face off with more than anyone else is fellow Canadian, Natalya. I just think these two would share a fantastic chemistry. Natalya is unlike any female wrestler the WWE has seen before, she can be technical, be powerful and shows a lot of in-ring psychology. And I think of all the Divas in WWE, Gail would be able to respond the best and really put on a great match with Natalya. It could be WWE’s version of Gail vs Kong, with Gail the high-flyer to Natalya’s Kong-esque powerhouse.

Maryse vs Melina
Maryse was without a doubt, the wrestling success story of 2008 and quite possibly the best heel among the Divas right now. The arrogance and cockiness she exudes somewhat reminds me of Melina during her heel days. Throw ’em in a ring together and I’m sure they could put on a great match; both of them really look full of life and passionate when they’re wrestling.

Beth Phoenix vs Natalya
Putting aside the criminal underuse of Natalya, this could be an intense, physical and even a brutal match up.

Layla vs anyone
Unfortunately, Layla hasn’t had much ringtime in a long time. She started out 2008 with matches here and there but since, has been involved less and less. Considering she’s been out of action for so long, it’ll be interesting to see if she’s as good in the ring as she was then – like her former ECW rival, Kelly, she showed a lot of potential. It’d be interesting to see how these two fare in the ring against each other in 2009. And despite finishing first, Layla really drew the short straw in the 2006 Diva Search, fellow contestant Maryse is now the Divas Champion! How about sticking Layla in the ring with fellow ’06ers, Maryse and Rosa Mendes?

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