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Mayu Iwatani retains World of STADOM Championship

Mayu Iwatani is still your World of STARDOM Champion. She retained the title against Jungle Kyona on day 2 of STARDOM’s action-packed two-day event, Cinderella Summer in Nagoya, which took place July, 23 and 24.

Cinderella Summer in Nagoya -Day Two

Mayu Itwatani vs Jungle Kyona for the World of STARDOM Championship was the headline match and the first time the two competitors met in one-on-one action.

With the title challenge taking place in Kyona’s home town, many were expecting the recently returned star to win her first singles championship in the company. However, Iwatani was able to successfully defend the title and continue 263-day reign.

Prior to the championship match, there was an Eight Woman Tag Team match that saw Donna del Mondo take on Queen’s Quest. No winner was determined after the two teams battled it out to a thirty-minute draw.

Also on the card, Riho and Tam Nakona took on Odea Tai’s Tora Natsuko and Natsu Sumire. Riho and Tam won via disqualification when Natsuko went all Natsuko on us and struck the official.

Starlight Kid defeated Death Yama and Sati Kashima in a Three-Way match when she pinned Death. And in the opening match of the night, Konami defeated Saya Iida.

That brings us to the end of Cinderella Summer in Nagoya Day Two, so let’s get to the action of the opening night.

Cinderella Summer in Nagoya – Day One

The July, 23 show was all about the Artist of STARDOM Championships on the line. Champions, Donna Del Mondo trio of Giulia, Maika and Syuri took on Odeo Tai trio of Tora Natsuka, Natsu Sumire and Saki Kashima.

The match was made at New Summer 2020 – Day 1 on July, 11 when Saki challenged Donna del Mondo for the Artist of Stardom Championships after she pinned Giulia with a surprise roll-up. It was Giulia’s first loss in STARDOM and a massive shock to the leader of Donna del Mondo. So passions were running high heading into this main event match.

Donna del Mondo would retain the titles when Giulia got her revenge of Saki and pinned her with a Glorious Driver for the win.

Also on the show we saw Mayu Iwatani and Tam Nakano teamed to face Jungle Kyona and Konami. Kyona pinned Mayu Iwatani after the Jungle Buster.


Himeka pinned Saya Kamitani with a running powerbomb in a really exciting match.

Saya Iida and Starlight Kid took on Utami Hayashita and Momo Watanabe. Hayashita would get the win when she pinned Iida with a German suplex.

In the opening match of the night DEATH Yama-san pinned AZM.

This was another jam-packed and action-filled event from STARDOM. The company has returned with a bang after the Coronavirus hiatus. They return to Kurokuen Hall on July, 26 for the finals of the tournament for the vacant Wonder of STARDOM Championship.

What did you make of the return of STARDOM so far? Let us know in the comments below. As always stay tuned to Diva Dirt for all of your STARDOM news, reviews and updates.

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