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Melina Displays Spanish Heritage!

Red Salsa Dress Blue Tango Dress White Bull Outfit

Whose celebrating Cinco De Mayo? Melina Perez is! Her most recent WWE photoshoot displays her in a variety of spanish-themed outfits for the regional holiday in Mexico. I think the photos are beautiful in a traditional standard, but some scream tacky to me. The first set of photos have Melina in a red and black laced Salsa dress, with a slit along the side for Perez to show her legs. To be completely honest, she looks like she crept out of an excerpt from Zorro. Other than that, it screams: ¡Fiesta!

The next set of pictures show Miss Perez in what seems to be a blue Tango dress. I really liked the backdrop for the shoot and some of Melina’s facial expressions.. although a great majority of them weren’t that appealing. Some of her poses looked bent out of shape, and she seemed almost uncomfortable. Another thing that seemed to bother me was how long that dress really was! It seemed almost never-ending! Then again, I’m a guy – and probably don’t have that great a taste in clothing..

The last set of photos reminded me a great deal of a “torero”, which is a bullfighter. Although I’d never wear something like this – ever – I preferred it a great deal over the previous “blue tango dress” shoot. These shots compared to the other two were alot more masculine, and Melina nailed the poses well. Overall, the first shoot with the Salsa dress was my favorite due to the fact Melina showed a great deal of feminine poise. Check out the full set of photos here, and decide for yourself!

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