Thursday, November 30, 2023

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Men Beware, Predator On The Loose!

And not of the sexual kind! Easily the best heel of all the women in WWE or TNA, Awesome Kong is set to face a new challenge in TNA – wrestling men. The Knockout Champion has ravaged the likes of Gail Kim and ODB and it seems TNA now wants to push the boundaries even further.

It was just earlier this year, actually, that Kurt Angle was praising Kong and saying how much he’d love to work with her. That’d be a match for the ages, huh? Well it could be likely in the future! Kong will wrestle her up some man at TNA’s Sacrifice pay per view, next month. The big reveal (sorry for the spoilers!) will be made this Thursday night on iMPACT!, spoilers below:

Jim Cornette comes to the ring and brings out the “Egotistical Eight” singles wrestlers for the Deuces Wild tournament: Matt Morgan, Kip James, BG James, James Storm, Booker T, Robert Roode and Sting. He says now that we have 7 but remembers there is one person left, Awesome Kong. Everyone played it up as if they were shocked as Kong looked down at all the other guys from the top of the ramp.

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