Thursday, September 21, 2023

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Mercedes Martinez suffers bruised ribs at Shimmer 112 event

Former Phoenix of RISE Champion, Mercedes Martinez, appeared to suffer an injury today in a tag team match at the Shimmer 112 event in Berwyn, IL.

The taping was delayed while onlookers waited to see if she could get up on her own volition. Eventually, Martinez had to be carried out on a stretcher.

Shannon Walsh reported, “This looks bad. Shimmer has been delayed. It was Mercedes Martinez and Cheerleader Melissa vs. DASH Chisako and Hiroyo Matsumoto. Matsumoto powerbombed Melissa right on top of Martinez. DASH was waiting to come off the top with a frog splash but Martinez was clearly hurt.

“Dash waited up on top then came down to carefully go for a pin, but Martinez brushed her off. The match ended in a DQ when Melissa hit DASH with a chair. Mercedes was not moving but holding her side. Rise owner Kevin Harvey and Lexie Fyfe came out very concern to see what was going. Lenny Leonard sounded somber and said they were going to a break instead of focusing on the situation.”

Afterward, Squared Circle Sirens disclosed that Martinez’s diagnosis was bruised ribs. She will make a speedy recovery.

We here at Diva Dirt wish Mercedes Martinez a swift recovery.

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