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Michelle McCool Recalls Initial Tension with Natalya, Their Bond, and Tables Match

Hell_in_a_cell_2010_natalya_vs_michelle_mccool_015_originalMichelle McCool has spoken to her official fansite about working with her former colleague and current WWE Diva, Natalya.

Michelle reminisces on Natalya’s arrival to the SmackDown brand in 2008 and the initial tension between the pair after rumors arose on the Internet that stated Michelle was teaching Nattie the ‘WWE style’ of wrestling.

The first ever Divas Champion said of that time: “Something got all over the Internet about me trying to teach her how to ‘wrestle’ and all of this other stuff — which was completely false, as many things on the Internet are. There was a little bit of tension there. I don’t know if she thought I did it [leaked reports], or if she did it. A couple weeks went by, we sat down and talked about it and actually became really good friends.”

Michelle went on to reveal that she and Natalya are now close friends, and she batted for Natalya to receive the spotlight in the infamous Tables Match at the TLC pay per view in 2010, revealing WWE officials weren’t behind Nattie winning the match.

She said: “I remember fighting like crazy for Nattie to get the spotlight in that match, because not everybody was fighting for that. I thought: she’s the one that helped us; she’s the one that we were picking on during this whole storyline. She should be the one that pushes us through the table, she should be the one that gets her hand raised — she should be the one that puts LayCool to shame. She deserves this. And it was like, this hard, hard battle. That was her moment and I don’t think it would have been fair for anybody else to take that away from her or for anyone to try and take that away from her.”

Listen to the full interview below:

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