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Mickie James on Possibly Going to TNA

Former WWE Women’s Champ, Mickie James was interviewed by Fanhouse’s Brian Fritz earlier this week and spoke on the possibility of her going to TNA, admitting that she’d thought about it. Read below:

Well certainly I’ve entertained the thought and it’s one of those things … there has to be this beautiful marriage between the two. Obviously my music right now is in the forefront, and if there’s a way to be able to do it and still … you know, because TNA’s schedule is certainly less demanding, maybe what, 100 dates out of the year? Obviously it would give me a lot more time, but it would also give me that platform to be able to be there for my wrestling fans and hope that they would support me with my music.

Elsewhere, James is asked about her release for pursuing a music career versus Chris Jericho, who has a band while continuing to work for WWE. She says:

I think it’s a case-by-case feel. Obviously WWE knew everything I was doing, whether I was coming here to talk to publishing companies and look at different music and whatever, but Chris Jericho was already in a band before he came back to WWE. He already had “Fozzy” and they were already successful, and he was touring and releasing another album before he even came. So they come into the picture already knowing all that, fully aware of all that, and this was something I decided to do while I was still with the company. And perhaps it did feel that way, but in my mind as a businesswoman, that’s what I had my degree in, and just as a marketing genius [joking/laughing] … But it seemed like a no-brainer, like why wouldn’t you want to capitalize on this and really push it and tap into a whole other market you wouldn’t be able to get in touch with if it wasn’t for an outside interest like this. So I don’t really understand it, but Chris Jericho and I are totally different cases. Not only just because I’m a female and he’s a male, but he already had that coming into the picture.

The interview is very extensive and a great read. Click here to check it out.

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