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Mickie James Pushes Back Album Release

Five time Women’s Champion, Mickie James has pushed back the release of her debut album ‘Strangers & Angels’ which was due for release next week. In a new blog, Mickie told fans that the album will now be released in mid-May.

She writes: “I have come to the decision to push back the release of my album “Strangers & Angels” to mid May. After WrestleMania, after the Draft, after the tours… . main focus now, as it should be, is to get myself 150% for WrestleMania first and foremost.”

Mickie, who was treated for staph infection earlier this month also discusses the extent of her injuries which threatens to take her out of the WrestleMania mix:

Then, this is the second time in 2 months that I have ever been sent home from the road, both for the same reason. A Staph Infection, but not just any, as I found out in the hospital it’s MRSA. The first was from the most recent Mexico Tour where I was sent to Tampa to be treated. Then it came back worse than before this last time during the live event Loop in Texas where I was sent home. Then immediately admitted to the hospital in Richmond. To all the WWE universe who came to any of the shows or have watched in the last few weeks to see me. I am truly sorry and please know that I wanted to be there more than anything. Both times I tried to fight it, I fought with the doctors. I fought with my boss.. to just let me work through it, “its just an infection.. No big deal… I’ve worked through worse with a smile on my face” but thankfully for me, they wouldn’t hear of it! I cant express how truly grateful I am that they didn’t listen to me.

I didn’t realize the severity of the infection and how bad it was. When i was admitted into the hospital I went straight into surgery to get the infection out of my body. They also told me I wouldn’t make it to Wrestlemania. I told them they were wrong.. Watch me! When I woke up i was devastated… My leg was in an immobilizer, my knee was sliced open with tubes coming from it t help drain it. As the days passed in the hospital I found out more and more about the infection, about how bad mine truly was. The nurses also explained to me what could have happened if it had gone a little longer untreated. The infection had already gotten into my bloodstream and I was extremely ill.. A few more day meant I could have lost my leg.. Even my life… So I really want to take this moment to say thank you to them all from the bottom of my heart… To our Doctors, the Dr.’s who treated me, and my Boss(who always has to deal with my stubborn ways..haha)! It is because of you that I am getting better everyday, That I am able to write this, that I have my leg, that I have my life, I love you, God Bless You!

To read Mickie’s full blog click here.

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