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Miranda Alize promises that Alex Gracia knows none of her weaknesses; Lena Yada kicks off ROH Town Hall

ROH is getting more and more exciting as the promotion is about to kick off the first round of its Women’s Title Tournament. The first three matches take place this weekend on July 31 and some promos are starting to get fans hyped up for the matches.

Since the end of April, ROH has relaunched their women’s division with Women Division Wednesday which has showcased one women’s match a week. This has led up to Maria Kanellis Bennett, who serves as the Board of Directors for the women’s division, giving tickets to gold to those she wants in the upcoming tournament. The tournament features 15 competitors. The finals will take place on Sept. 12 at Death before Dishonor.

Miranda Alize and Alex Gracia will battle in a first-round match and these two are very close friends in real life. Alize said this week on the ROH Q&A session that this won’t affect their friendship but she is very confident in her ability to come out with a win. The Lucha Baddie vs. The Pink Dream is certain to be a strong start to the tournament.

In a promo, Alize says about Gracia – “Now I know Alex’s strengths and I also know her weaknesses. But I promise you, she knows all my strengths, she knows none of my weaknesses. And at the end of the day, my confidence level is here compared to hers,”

Gracia says, “I’ve let too much slip away from me to let you or anyone else in this tournament beat me.”

The winner of this tournament not only becomes the new ROH Women’s World Champion but they become the start of a new lineage. The prior women’s champion for the promotion was deactivated at the start of 2020. Maria has stated that more to come is expected for the women of ROH as a women’s tag team division will come sometime next year and Women’s Division Wednesday will continue alongside the women’s matches on ROH TV.

ROH has been holding Q&A Tournament Town Halls in preparation for the upcoming tournament. Part Two took place today and a surprise kicked off the Town Hall. Former WWE Diva Lena Yada personally congratulated all the competitors in the upcoming tournament and looks forward to watching it.

Alize facing Gracia is just one of three first-round matches that will take place this weekend. Nicole Savoy will battle Mazzerati and Rok-C takes on a former women’s champion in ROH, Sumie Sakai.

Rok-C vs. Sakai is very much a “Prodigy” vs Veteran match-up.

Savoy is on the recent ROH Strong Podcast where she discusses her upcoming match against Mazzerati along with several other topics that can be listened to at the link in the tweet below.

Check back in with Diva Dirt for all the exciting things to come with ROH and the tournament.

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