Monday, December 4, 2023

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MJ Jenkins makes AEW debut at Fight for the Fallen

Former NXT Superstar MJ Jenkins made her AEW debut tonight at Fight for the Fallen. Jenkins was released from WWE back in April during the budget cuts as a result of the ongoing health pandemic. She was mostly used for NXT house shows which obviously have been put on hold since March. A tag team was formed between her and Briana Brandy but that pairing never made it to television.

She debuted in tag team action alongside Kenzie Paige. Kenzie has made several appearances recently for the promotion. They faced the Nightmare Sisters of Brandi Rhodes and Allie. Rhodes and Allie were announced for tonight’s event but their opponents were originally not announced.

It was a short match-up as Kenzie was dominated early on by Rhodes and then transitioned into Allie taking control. Allie went for a running knee from the ropes, but Rhodes hit a blind tag. Allie missed the running knee attempt on Kenzie as a result. Rhodes capitalized though with a super kick. The Nightmare Sisters then briefly exchange words as Allie makes her way out of the ring.

Kenzie finally breaks free to tag in Jenkins. Allie is tagged in as well. She ends up delivering a huge slap to the face of Jenkins followed up with a bulldog. Rhodes spears Kenzie. Jenkins finally gets in a hit with a shot to the midsection of Allie, but that wasn’t nearly enough. Allie is able to drop Jenkins to get the pin and the win for her team.

Jenkins comes away with a loss from her first match with the company. There has been no word at the time of this writing that she has officially signed with AEW.

What are your thoughts on MJ Jenkins showing up in AEW? Do you think she should be signed with the company? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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