Wednesday, March 29, 2023

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More on Brawl Between Melissa & Makoto at AJPW Press Conference

Asia One Sports has a news story covering yesterday’s All Japan Pro Wrestling press conference in Taipei, Taiwan that saw a brawl break out between Cheerleader Melissa and Japanese wrestler Makoto.

The two will face off in the first ever female singles match on Taiwanese soil tomorrow, after competing in a six-person tag bout today in Taipei.

Asia One reports from the press conference:

Tensions were high when female pro-wrestler Makoto, clad in full-Cosplay uniform, was forced to pose with an attitude-clad Melissa, who proceeded to tear the Japanese woman’s hair like a proper catfight.

“She doesn’t stand a chance, I can see it in her eyes,” declared the American professional wrestler, real name Melissa Marie Anderson.

In response, Makoto giggled and said she was not scared at all.

Yesterday we posted exclusive footage from the brawl.

It looks like Melissa has made a big impact overseas!

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