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Ms. Main Event – Charlotte Flair’s unwavering booking at the top

Turn on any of WWE’s flagship television shows, you are guaranteed to see wrestling, promos and Charlotte Flair. She is everywhere at the moment. Be it RAW, SmackDown or NXT, Charlotte Flair will be there.

Not only will Charlotte be the main focus of the show, but she will also most likely be going over too. Even on the rare occasion, she isn’t, she will most certainly be remaining strong.

For example, on this week’s RAW Charlotte took on RAW Women’s Champion, Asuka in the main event of the show. This was Charlotte’s second main event match in as many nights. She also headlined NXT TakeOver: In Your House, the previous evening.

Charlotte would lose the NXT Women’s Championship but without taking the pinfall. Then the following night on RAW Charlotte would be at the heart of it all. She started and ended the show. She defeated the Women’s Tag Team Champions and the number one contenders in one fell swoop. Then Charlotte defeated the RAW Women’s Champion, Asuka in the main event.

It is this constant and consistent push to elevate her above everyone else in the division and down the throats of the audience that is receiving backlash.

We are currently in the era of Charlotte and there can be little doubt that her constant presence is overkill. Fans have long been airing their disapproval toward her stature. WWE needs to do something about before they push Charlotte to the point of no return.

Just so we are clear this is nothing against Charlotte as a performer and as a wrestler. Charlotte is one of the most outstanding athletes and physically gifted performers WWE women’s division has ever seen. Charlotte deserves every accolade and accomplishment she has achieved in her career. It is the way the company insists on constantly booking and positioning her above everyone else in the division is to her detriment.

From the very beginning Charlotte has been put on a pedestal. Not long after her main roster debut she would end Nikki Bella‘s record-breaking run as Divas Champion and then go on to be crowned the first-ever WWE Women’s Champion.

Credit: WWE

Charlotte’s list of accomplishments goes on (and on) as the does her mega-monster push as WWE’s most dominant and decorated female superstar in history. And there are no signs of letting up.

This year alone Charlotte has been at the epicentre of the goings-on within the women’s division on all three brands. Since winning the Royal Rumble in January, Charlotte has featured heavily in main event spots on RAW, SmackDown and NXT.

Credit: WWE

The only performer that kept WWE from doing this sooner was Becky Lynch. The success and popularity of Becky Lynch was one saving grace from the HHH/Cena-esque booking of Charlotte. But Becky Lynch is gone and unlikely to return until next year at the earliest. Therefore WWE seems to have gone into panic mode and doubled-down their booking/mega-push of Charlotte again to her detriment.

Charlotte is one of the best to ever do it and as mentioned previously, deserves every accolade bestowed upon her. But WWE seems determined to do it in spite of the fans rather than with them.

WWE shoehorn her into every programme within the women’s division. For example, she has gone from the NXT Women’s Championship programme directly into the RAW counterpart without any merit or explanation.

There are rumours going that Charlotte is in line to become the next RAW Women’s Champion. If Charlotte really does defeat Asuka for the title that will be the death knell for her in the eyes of the audience.

Credit: WWE

The only remedy is to either use Charlotte sparingly and have her work her way into title programmes, rather than just waltz in because she in the “Queen” #bowdown #wooooo. The other is have her go away for while. Abscence makes the heart grow stronger and with Charlotte off our screens for a few months would give the fans a break from seeing her all of time and in all of programmes.

However, these remedies are not something WWE will do. Charlotte is their golden goose, the face of the women’s division and most dominent and decorated superstar.

What do you think of the booking of Charlotte and how would remedy her being on every show in every programme? Let us know in the comments below.

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