Friday, August 19, 2022

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MYC II: Week Five Review

Lacey Lane and Taynara Conti

In first is Taynara to her lowkey bop theme, stoic and poised. Next is hometown hero Lacey Lane. A bow from Conti to Lane. Conti surprisingly has the size advantage here. Chain wrestling into a judo takedown, twice, advantage to Conti. Lane runs the ropes and hits a tiger feint, known as the 619, into an inside cradle. Two count. Conti with a waistlock pushes Lane to the ropes and rolls off to be met with a kick to the face. Conti hides in the corner and Lacey comes in hot looking for a bronco buster it appears, only to be sidestepped. An angry Conti snatches her by the hair and yanks her to the floor, then kicks her in the ribs and tells the ref to shut up.

She goes for an alley-oop but Lane isn’t budging, so she gets a kick to the hand for her troubles, then the other. Conti with a double-armed monkey flip into the pinning combination for two. Conti with a key lock that Lane escapes. She pulls Conti by her hair and snatched her to the mat. Clothesline into a hammerlock across the knee where she beats Conti in her chest followed seamlessly into an aggressive reverse STO. Two count. Lacey goes for a vertical, only to be kneed in the stomach by Conti. Conti goes for her finisher and is countered into a crucifix bomb for the win! Conti is beside herself as the hometown girl celebrates!

Thoughts: This match was better than it had any right to be. It was solid, and the aggression shown by Conti, in particular, was pretty good. Their styles lent itself to be a pretty decent affair and they had a good outing. Not the most thrilling match, but serviceable. Good job, ladies!

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