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Names TNA Should Hire

TNA Wrestling’s critically acclaimed women’s division continues to grow and adapt with Knockouts like Gail Kim, Awesome Kong, ODB – names that without TNA, wouldn’t be able to showcase their talents on a national level due to WWE’s disinterest in promoting true women’s wrestling. That said, we can’t help but feel there are a few names out there that have so much to give to the industry and would have so much to add to TNA’s Knockout division. Here is Diva Dirt‘s guide to the names that TNA should hire (in no particular order, except for the first one).

Please note that we haven’t included the big names like Trish Stratus, Lita, Chyna, Sable… because really, we don’t see it happening.

1. Jazz
Topping the wishlist is none other than Jazz, one of the best female wrestlers in history, in my opinion. Jazz’s long history goes all the way back to ECW when she competed with the men to her epic rivalry with Trish Stratus in WWE. Pound for pound, Jazz is one of the most athletic, technical wrestlers – man or woman. To be honest, I don’t have a freakin’ clue why TNA hasn’t hired her already. This former Women’s Champion would give all the Knockouts a run for their money and no doubt, would be worth the TNA Knockout Championship. Not to mention, I really want to see a Jazz-Gail Kim feud.

2. Dawn Marie
As far as T&A with competent wrestling abilities go, it doesn’t get better than Dawn Marie. WWE however, would rather parade Ashley and Candice – go figure. Dawn was essentially eye candy, but proved to be so much more during her tenure on SmackDown! playing a conniving, soap opera-esque heel to perfection as well as being more than adequate in the ring. Dawn could easily replace Christy Hemme as TNA’s part-T&A-part-wrestler and do a hell of a better job!

3. Nidia
Possibly the best thing to come out of WWE’s Tough Enough competition ever, Nidia’s WWE career was over before it began. When Nidia finally made the transition to RAW after two years on SmackDown!, many (including herself) thought this would be the start of a Women’s Championship-oriented career. Instead, within months of moving to Monday nights she was released. Nidia’s wrestling talents have long gone ignored, could TNA be the answer?

4. Trinity
Poor Trinity, this girl can never catch a break. She was underutilised during her first tenure in TNA, then she was underutilised in WWE as they stuck her on ECW. This daredevil had the makings to become either brand’s next best high-risk, high-flying Diva/Knockout. Finally, TNA has a women’s division, is it time for Trinity to find her way home?

5. Molly Holly
I guess you could call this one a long shot, as she still has allegiances to WWE – but Molly Holly is considered to be the best female wrestler ever. I’m sure TNA has already tried to contract her, but try harder damnit!

Who else do you think TNA should try to snap up? Comment and let us know!

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