Saturday, September 23, 2023

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Natalya comments on her injury from RAW

Natalya had many fans concerned after she had to be helped to the back after her tag team match this past Monday night on RAW. The Women’s Tag Team Champions Natalya and Tamina faced Doudrop and Eva Marie in a contenders match. The spot that caused the injury can be seen in Nattie’s Twitter post below which appears to be an injury to her ankle.

Credit: WWE

Natalya states:

“Thank you to everyone for the kind words about what happened on WWE Raw. There are the beatings you can plan for, and the ones you can’t. That’s the job. But I’m willing to give whatever bones, muscles, and tendons I have to continue doing what I love. Good thing I’m UNBREAKABLE.”

Tamina finished the match for her team as she pinned Eva Marie off of a distraction caused by Lilly. Alexa Bliss‘ doll took to the big screen to show that Eva wasn’t the only one to have a movement going on as Lilly-Lution is happening.

Tamina along with medical helped Natalya to the back after the match.

At this time, Natalya nor WWE have confirmed the exact injury or the full extent. Diva Dirt will update you if any more news comes out in regards to Natalya’s injury.

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