Friday, December 1, 2023

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Natalya No Longer Seeing Friday Night Lights?

natalya1I wasn’t sure until recently whether this was message board fodder or not, but after getting some tip-offs, I’m confident to run with it. There is some speculation that everyone’s favourite third-gen Diva, Natalya could be heading to Monday nights! And I’ll give you a hint: The show isn’t Gossip Girl.

I have complimented WWE a lot lately, they’ve been making some great choices with the Divas and if this happens, it would just be the icing on a big boobed, Divalicious cake. From Michelle’s heel turn to Melina picking up the Women’s Championship, 2009 has gotten off to a pretty great start.

One report suggests that Natalya’s move to Raw could address the severe lack of heels on Raw, which is something I, too, am quite concerned about. At this point it’s Beth Phoenix and Beth Phoenix. There’s no strong number two heel (sorry, Jillian). But who’s to say if Natalya joined Raw, she wouldn’t just be squashed under Beth’s thumb too? My answer: Have her join the Legacy. For some reason, Raw has never been able to have more than one top heel or one top face at a time, until recently, which means other talents get pushed to the background i.e. Mickie James. But at the moment, they are doing a good job of pushing both Melina and Kelly Kelly. I think Beth needs and deserves a strong number two and Natalya could be just that. Having Natalya as part of the Legacy would give her a chance to flourish in her own right and be built up strongly, like Beth without necessarily being a subordinate to Beth or overtaking Beth as the top heel.

However if Natalya joins Raw, I would feel sorry for Gail Kim, who’s being primed for SmackDown. With no Victoria or Natalya on SmackDown, Gail wouldn’t exactly be surrounded by great workers. So if you bring Gail to Raw, you’d need to move someone to SmackDown and that’s where all this gets complicated. You’d need a ‘Diva Draft’ on television just to explain all these moves! But if Natalya moves, I say Gail has to come with her. I guess you could move Kelly and Candice over to SmackDown, Kelly could definitely fit into the top face role over there with Maria as her number two and you’d have Michelle and Maryse as the top heels, maybe you could turn Eve or Candice heel to filter out that side.

Anyway, I don’t want to get ahead of myself. What say you on the whole mess of a subject?

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