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Natalya On Possible Evolution 2 Under New Regime

In 2018, WWE made history for the company by hosting its first all-women’s PLE (then dubbed PPVs) that featured women spanning several eras of the division competing in matches.

Under Triple H’s creative control, we have seen the return of numerous women’s wrestlers and gimmicks to strengthen an already impressive roster. Naturally, fans have questioned if a sequel to Evolution could be on the cards and in a recent interview with Darren Stone, WWE Superstar Natalya also weighed in:

“Yes. Yeah, I definitely see Stephanie wanting to do more with women’s wrestling. Stephanie has always wanted women to have more representation. She doesn’t want a show where it’s 75% male matches and 25% women’s matches. She wants a show where there is half men and half women. She wants equality for the women in WWE and she’s been vocal about it and it’s really cool. One of the first things I thought about all of these new changes, especially with Stephanie and Triple H, [who] care about women’s wrestling. The thing is, when you’re in that position of authority, you’re never gonna please everyone. I know how hard that was for Vince McMahon. Without Vince McMahon, we wouldn’t have any of this. I always express so much gratitude to Vince because we wouldn’t have this company to do our work in, I would have the dreams that I have without Vince McMahon allowing those dreams to come true because he built of this. I also believe that with changes comes opportunities. I know it’s challenging right now, people are very intrigued. Everybody wants to see what this new regime will bring. For me, what I’m seeing and what I’m witnessing, is more women’s wrestling and I think that’s incredible.” – Natalya (Credit to Fightful for the transcript)

The possibility of a second Evolution PLE has been widely discussed since the first one and with an ever-expanding roster, it seems natural to showcase them on a grand stage.

There have been rumors that Evolution may be added to the 2023 list of PLE’s as the new regime under Triple H restructure the schedule. This has not been confirmed.

Natalya teamed with Sasha Banks and Bayley to defeat The Riott Squad during the 2019 show.

Check out the full interview with Natalya above and weigh in in the comments. Would you like to see Evolution 2? Who would you have headline the event from today’s roster?

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