Tuesday, December 5, 2023

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Natalya’s Fighting Words

Natalya Neidhart, SmackDown!’s newest Diva on the block spoke to WWE.com this weekend and the third generation Diva had some fighting words that should have some of WWE’s less experienced Divas quaking in their boots:

“In The Dungeon, you learn to fight for your life and defend yourself. If you can last in The Dungeon, you’re going to have a grittiness to you that none of the Divas can touch. I’m going to bring that same grittiness to the ring along with my combination of power, of strength, and of execution,” said Natalya, the first Diva to come out of The Dungeon. “My explosiveness in the ring is what will define me as the top Diva in the WWE. You don’t just learn to be physical; you learn that everything in life is a mental game. That’s where I believe I have the advantage over any opponent.”

Now, with the same confidence as the family members who preceded her, Natayla looks to take the SmackDown women’s division by storm.

“The other Divas may say that I’m cocky and arrogant, but I’m not. I am confident in my abilities. I’ve done my homework and am ready to spread my wings. I’m proud of what [my family has] accomplished, but I’m the first Diva of the Hart family to step in the squared circle and defend The Dungeon and what my grandfather taught. I dare any Diva to step one foot in the ring with me.”

We can’t wait to see Natalya put her skills to the test, she certainly sounds like the real deal but will her bite prove as vicious as her bark? Who would win in a match between Natalya and Beth Phoenix?

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