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New Year’s Resolutions for the Women of Wrestling

New-Years-resolutionsIt’s January 1st, which means there will be plenty of well intentioned, if unfeasible, promises made for the year ahead.

We thought it might be fun to cook up our own humorous New Year’s resolutions for the women of wrestling, and of course, we want you to join in the fun, too, by coming up with your own and letting us know in the comments or on Twitter.

Here are some of our ideas:

AJ Lee | After making out with Daniel Bryan, Kane, CM Punk, John Cena and Dolph Ziggler in 2012, maybe stick to one guy in 2013? (And if you can’t, just keep your hands off Randy Orton.)

Layla | Find a new BFF, because we sense that you’ve not quite found your voice in the Divas division since Michelle McCool left. Maybe being part of a double act could bring out that personality we loved so much?

Jessicka Havok | Pick a new victim and torment her all year long. We love watching you kicking ass, but we really loved your year-long rivalry with Mercedes Martinez. It’s time to move on, though, and start a war with someone else.

Cheerleader Melissa | Regain your SHIMMER Championship.

Sunny | Make positive changes to your life. 2012 was tumultuous, you could say.

Natalya | Steal the show whenever you can. Sadly, the Divas Championship has eluded you for the past two years, but we know that anytime you’re in the ring, you have what it takes to make each match special.

Tara | Don’t let a man define you. It’s easy to get lose your train of thought while staring at Jesse’s abs, sure, but you’re Tara — a seven-time champion. You don’t need him to define who you are, so don’t let him outstay his welcome!

ODB | Find a new tag team partner. If Eric Young isn’t around enough to make a Knockouts Title defense, it might be time to find someone who can.

What New Year’s resolutions would you suggest?

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