Saturday, August 13, 2022

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Next NXT Elimination Will Be On…

The next elimination from season three of NXT will be held on the November 2nd episode, which is in three weeks time.

Given that Jamie was released after her elimination last week, it seems the stakes are much higher this season. It looks like WWE knows which girls they want to keep around post-NXT already and are releasing the ones they don’t. We know that WWE is high on Kaitlyn and Naomi, and one would think AJ would make the main roster too. Aksana could be a question mark, however if they continue to pair her with Goldust post-season, I think she’ll be fine. The only other girl I would worry about following Jamie’s fate is Maxine, who looks like a strong candidate to be the next eliminated Diva judging by our opinion poll on who you thought should be eliminated last week. Jamie received the most votes (and was eliminated as you thought she should be), while Maxine came second by only a few vote difference.

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