Wednesday, November 29, 2023

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Nia Jax defends Roman Reigns after cancer speculation

Nia Jax proved today that blood is thicker than conspiracy theories, after she went on the defense against speculation from Dave Meltzer that Roman Reigns’ leukemia was questionable.

It all started earlier today, when audio from an episode of Wrestler Observer Radio was passed around Twitter, where Meltzer speculated that the type of therapy that Reigns claimed he used for treatment of his leukemia wasn’t in fact used for leukemia, insinuating that Reigns was lying about having cancer.

Hear the clipped audio in the tweet below:

Pro Wrestling Sheet’s Ryan Satin tweeted out against Meltzer’s comments, prompting Jax to defend her cousin.

Since the original audio was released, Meltzer issued a statement correcting his original thoughts. In other tweets, Meltzer states that he did not accuse Reigns of lying about his cancer.

The attack on Meltzer is just one part of the ongoing saga and debate between fans of Meltzer’s, and those who think he shouldn’t be held in such high regards. Many fans and critics say Meltzer is sexist, noting that, generally, women wrestlers are given much lower scores in Meltzer’s star-rating system.

Below is more audio from the same WOR episode, where Meltzer is heard laughing at the mention of International Women’s Day.

Meltzer has not commented on the newest accusation of sexism.

Do you think Meltzer was accusing Roman Reigns of lying? Was Nia Jax right to defend her cousin? Let us know your thoughts below!

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