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Nia Jax shares backstage photos with R-Truth at Royal Rumble

Last Sunday, Nia Jax crashed the 2019 Men’s Royal Rumble, becoming the fourth female wrestler to compete in the Men’s Royal Rumble. She is now the second woman to participate in both the Men’s and Women’s Royal Rumble match – behind Beth Phoenix – and the only woman to compete in both in one night.

Her participation in the match and ambush of the no. 30 entrant, R-Truth, has been a divisive topic. He reportedly suffered legitimate face and ankle injuries from the attack last Sunday.

In addition, Jerry Lawler claimed on his Dinner With The King podcast that R-Truth and Nia Jax had “real heat” following the Royal Rumble. “This got real heat, for real. She blasted poor R-Truth and knocked him face first into that wall. He was hot; for real hot … they were having to hold him back, back there,” according to Lawler.  

Jax is no stranger to these kinds of rumors and she usually takes them in stride. However, Sunday night she posted photos of herself and Truth backstage at Royal Rumble to set the record straight.

Initially, WWE spun the incident into a backstage video of R-Truth looking for Nia following Royal Rumble. Other than that, Truth hasn’t commented on the situation or his working relationship with Nia yet. It’s still unclear if she did injure him. He competed in two matches on SmackDown Live two nights later and continues to work live events.

It’s possible he had to be held back at the time, but the two cleared up the situation later. Maybe it was all just a work. Frankly, it wasn’t hard to believe because Nia has a track record of injuring other wrestlers and she has had backstage heat in the past.

Still, fans could’ve blown this whole thing out of proportion. It’s hard to tell. What do you think? Is this all one big elaborate work, or is it an even more elaborate shoot? Comment below and let us know.

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