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Nikki Cross builds confidence and a new attitude in promo videos

Former two-time WWE Women’s Champion Nikki Cross has been seemingly missing from television since her loss to Alexa Bliss in November. She rounded out the year with a win on Main Event against Reckoning but hasn’t been used on RAW since. She did make one appearance backstage alongside Torrie Wilson on RAW Legends Night.

Since then, and to those who may not be paying attention to social media, is that Cross has been posting videos on her Twitter. These promotional videos have been posted weekly since the year 2021 started and the most recent one was posted yesterday.

In them, she goes over her New Years Resolution and reflecting where she stood at the end of 2020. She explains that she feels stuck and wants to know what her legacy will be and lists what she has done so far. Cross doesn’t feel that what she has done so far is nearly enough to meet a hall of fame status that she wants to accomplish. Being a member of Sanity, the former best friend of Alexa Bliss, or even being a first-ever two-time Women’s Tag Team Champion will do it.

She opens up that she has been missing her happiness. The first place she will find her happiness is back in the ring. In her video from yesterday, she starts showing her anger. The Royal Rumble is one week from Sunday and she is frustrated that she has no momentum heading into it. In fact, she hasn’t even been announced for it just yet.

As her anger boils, Cross says she didn’t become the first Scottish woman signed to WWE and the first two-time tag team champion for nothing. She proclaims that she will go down as one of the best of all time and she is finished with not realizing it herself. Cross confidently says that she is going to be in this industry for a long time.

These videos have not been shown on RAW even though they would certainly help Cross come back to television.

She did receive a response from Reckoning that can be seen below:

What do you make of these videos? Do you see we might be witnessing a shift in Nikki’s character? Leave your thoughts below.

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