Saturday, December 9, 2023

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Nikki Cross Returns And Wreaks Havoc In Raw Main Event

Nikki A.S.H is no more, welcome back Nikki Cross.

Before we get to the reemergence of Nikki Cross, the first women’s segment of the night was a backstage interview between Candice LeRae and Cathy Kelley. Candice was going over her life recently and how she went from NXT to motherhood to career uncertainty and now to Raw. She mentions she was able to get to Raw thanks to the kind words and keeping in contact with Alexa Bliss, Asuka, and Bianca Belair.

Damage CTRL would enter as Bayley tells Cathy to leave. She points out that Alexa and Asuka were “put on the shelf” and aren’t here to have LeRae’s back. LeRae wants to know if the trio are trying to prove that they are in control of the women’s division. All she sees that IYO SKY is still untrustworthy, Dakota Kai is still spiteful, and Bayley still isn’t Raw Women’s Champion. Without any help for LeRae, she was attacked as the camera would fall to the ground to end the segment.

Bianca Belair had an interview backstage prior to her main event match against Bayley. Belair says that Bayley has taken out all of her friends and that she will end things with her rival tonight. She would state that her rivalry with Bayley is more important than the title.

It was announced by commentary prior to the main event the LeRae suffered a “shoulder injury” during the backstage attack by Damage CTRL.

The main event had plenty of time for both women to steal the show. The match was non-title with Bayley needing to get the win to ger back to a title match.

Highlights of the bout included Bayley going for a KOD on Belair. Belair would counter out of her own finisher and deliver a Bayley to Belly but couldn’t get the pin. Bayley would go for her own Bayley to Belly moments later from the middle ropes but got a near fall of her own.

As the match broke down, IYO and Dakota helped clean off the commentator desk aimed for Belair. Belair fought off all three members as she slammed Bayley on the desk and then against the ringpost before throwing her back first on the ring apron.

The tag team champs continued to try and get involved which prompted the official to come out to ringside. He calls for the ejection of both from ringside. Suddenly, someone at the time unknown, hit a cross body off of the ringpost taking out Dakota, IYO, and the referee!

As the individual’s face wasn’t shown on camera, commentary continued to ask who that was. Back in the ring, Belair had the match won, but there was no referee. It was then revealed to be Nikki Cross!

Cross attacks Belair as a new referee emerges. Bayley hits Rose Plant and with the new referee picks up the win. Cross then attacks Bayley too!!

The show ends with Cross standing in the ring with destruction all around her.

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