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NXT: 03/07/18 – Bianca Belair continues to impress

Hey guys! It’s been a while since I’ve sat down in earnest to watch NXT but I’m here to recap this week’s episode and we want to hear your thoughts too about WWE’s “premier” developmental brand. Josue will typically recap and give his thoughts on NXT but I’ll be here to give him a hand on occasion and offer another perspective.

The first glimpse we get of the women’s division is with a brief appearance by Nikki Cross who accompanies Sanity during a backstage promo for the Dusty Tag Classic. She cackles with glee.

Our first and only match of the night comes next and it’s NXT standout Bianca Belair against Drew Renee.

She finishes her off quickly with a few moves: a triple vertical suplex into a front face suplex, and a falloway power bomb.

Afterwards an NXT interviewer catches up with Lacey Evans about her match for next week against Dakota Kai. She says she’ll show the NXT Universe just how classy she is and says Dakota is pathetic to have lost to Shanya Baszler. Cue to Shanya actually walking in to call out Ember Moon.


I’ll start off with the positive, Bianca Belair continues to kill the game. When I stopped covering NXT last year I noted how much of a stand out she already was with only a year or less of experience under her belt. Now, wow, she’s even more amazing. She’s crisp and fluid, she looks like a star. She already belongs and that’s wonderful for her. She’s really a quick study and she’s only going up from here. It really perks me up thinking about what she can do and become as she continues to grow.

What I’m not here for though are these quick squash matches with no stories. Since she is being showcased right now, there should at least be some context as to what she’s doing here or what she’s about, especially if you are a viewer that hasn’t been following her.

The Lacey Evans promo was OK. I’m not really into her Southern Belle “I’m a ‘lady’ and you’re not” thing. I was more into her army/Sonya Blade kick ass pinup character she was toying around with when she was more enhancement talent last year. I was keen on her progress however, and she has time to tweak her character.

While I’m not a fan of Shayna’s in-ring style at all I do like the way she’s being booked as a “I’m going to destroy everyone until I get a title shot” monster. It reminds me of Samoa Joe‘s run in NXT before he moved to Raw and it’s how I originally wanted Nia Jax built before she faced Asuka in the summer of 2016. No complaints there except for the constant gripe I have about Ember Moon’s empty character. I love her but, she really has no gimmick. Her skills and look are too distinctive for her to be pigeonholed as a “this is my dream” baby face, it’s a shame.

So, before I wrap this up I just want to say, I did see the spoilers from last night and I am livid just like you guys. I haven’t kept up with NXT as much as I used to because the promotion has really dropped the ball with the women’s division, in my opinion.

They introduced another men’s title but they can’t give any of the women any stories? It’s pathetic. What do you guys think about this? Am I being overly negative here?

On another note, keep your eyes peeled here later this year for my Lucha Underground thoughts when the show returns for Season 4!

What did you think of this week’s episode of NXT? Are you loving Bianca Belair? What do you think about the state of the NXT Women’s Division? Sound off in the comments below.

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